The first step you will want to take is to buy a saline spray which can be found at most any drug store.  Saline sprays help you remove the congestion from your nose and this is important because this also removes the flu virus from your nasal pasages.  The less of the influenza virus you have in your body the easier it is for your immune system to fight the infection.  
Along those lines it is also helpful to take a warm shower.  The steam that is produced in a warm shower will help you thin the remaining mucus and open up your airways so breathing is not as difficult.  The combination of saline spray and a warm shower will help make you much more comfortable while you are treating the flu virus.
 influenza virus
Many people think that eating chicken soup to get over the flu virus is nothing more than an old wives-tail, this is not true.  Studies show that eating chicken soup can in fact help in treating the flu.  Cilia are the small hairs in your nose that protect your body against foreign bacteria making it into your airways.  Chicken soup helps the cilia work better in fighting off foreign substances.  The less your immune system has to fight foreign substances the more it can work to fight the influenza virus which is already in your body.
Chicken soup is not the only food that can boost your immune system and help treating the flu.  Garlic and chili peppers both have antioxidants that have been shown in studies to help people recover from illness.  During the time you are sick add garlic and chili peppers(if you have hot sauce in your house that is fine as well) to your food whenever possible.  The more ways you can help your body fight the virus the sooner you will be able to recover.
What you drink is important as well as dehydration can be a problem while you are treating the flu.  Water is certainly a good start, the recommended 8 glasses a day is most important when you are sick.  However, you can also substitute one or two of these glasses of water with a sports drink that is high in electrolytes.  The electrolytes in these sports drinks will help give your immune system a boost while it is working overtime to fight off the virus.
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Antiviral drugs for treating the flu are a great help.  You can get them by prescription from a doctor(walk-in medical centers are great for this type of situation).  However, it is important to remember that the earlier you start these drugs once symptoms appear the better off you will be.  If you wait too long and the influenza virus is already full blown these drugs are not going to be able to help you nearly as much.  If you catch the early warning signs of a flu get to a doctor a.s.a.p. and get a prescription for an antiviral drug, they can make the process of getting better much quicker as long as you get them early enough.
Studies have shown that taking a vitamin D supplement every day can boost your bodies defenses against the flu virus.  However, Vitamin D can cause interactions in the body for some people who have high levels of iron.  So it is important to speak with a doctor before taking vitamin D or any other supplement.
Probably the most time tested way of avoiding the flu virus all together is to get a flu shot.  Beginning in late summer/early fall many national pharmacy chains offer the flu shot in their stores.  Most do not require an appointment and if you have medical insurance the shot is free of charge for you in many cases.  When you get the shot your body will build an immunity to the influenza virus that has been predicted to hit for that particular flu season(there are different strains of the flu, and experts predict which strains are most likely to occur in any given year and tailor the shots to fight those particular strains) so if you do come in contact with someone who is infected your body will be able to fight off the infection when exposed to it.  Another effective way to avoid the flu virus is to make sure to wash your hands often during flu season, especially when you are using things that many people come in contact with such as ATM machines, doors to public business that have customers touching them all day, or keyboards at work that are used by your coworkers.
This article is not offering any medical advice on how to cure or fight any type of disease, sickness or illness.  Always consult with a medical professional when you are sick, and before taking any type of medicine or supplements.

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