Gadgets are expensive investments that really stings when they get lost or stolen. However, increasingly gadgets are coming with unique in built features that enable one to keep track of or recover it in case it gets lost or stolen, without even shelling out a penny.


This unique feature is only available in Windows 2000 and newer versions which require the user to download and install a software. The software gets installed covertly which means one will never be able to see it. You need to register your laptop at and then can subsequently sign in to your account from any computer. It is more or less a free service, which enables you to pinpoint the location of a single laptop on Google Maps. The company charges you a minimal fee of 3 dollars per month if you utilize this service to remotely wipe out  data or solicit their aid to recover  your lost or stolen laptop. The charge is in no way exorbitant considering the payoff. There is also a platinum plan which enables the users to keep tab on multiple laptops from a single account.

Find My Mac

This is an OS X Lion exclusive feature from the stables of Apple. When the Icloud on the Mac is set up it automatically displays the option of activating this feature.  Location services needs to be activated for its proper functioning. If you lose your Mac or its get stolen, you simply need to log into your account at  to check your computer’s location. You can remotely shred any data, lock down your computer or send a notification message. One must bear in mind once the date gets remotely wiped it is non-recoverable and the computer cannot be located again by this service.

Find My iPhone

This feature is not only present in iPhone, but Apple buffs can avail this in their iPads as well as iPod touch. This is a free application which requires an iCloud setting in your device. Simply sign into your Apple account at where you’ll a list of devices where this feature is available. You can use it to remotely wipe data, lock down your gadgets or issue a notification message. The same set of actions can be performed in any other IOS device.

Avast Mobile Security-

It possibly offers the most comprehensive set of security solutions for Android enabled devices. The fact its services cost a zilch is the real icing on the cake. It features include a anti virus scanner deigned to scan local files and stave off malicious urls, a built in application advisory. SMS & call filtering as well as a complete anti- theft and surveillance service.  Another useful feature is a remote SMS command which really comes handy when you cannot locate your device. In that case you can remotely trigger a siren, remotely shred important data or detect your device on the map by sending the correct keyword. The application remains in stealth mode so it can only be uninstalled with a lot of hassle. 

Blackberry Protect

This application is available for free download in the Blackberry App World. It not enables you to keep track of your phone it also gives you the added benefit of remotely storing your data in the cloud. In case you happen to misplace your device, log in to the Blackberry site using your unique Blackberry ID. From the browser you can view the phone’s location in the map or make it ring at full volume apart from locking your phone and deleting all data. Blackberry Protect also makes the switching over from one Blackberry phone to another pretty seamless.