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Through the years, you and your family may have purchased, inherited, or received (as gifts) hundreds or even thousands of books that include academic books, novels, children books, encyclopedias, non-fictions, etc. These books consume space in your home which is a big problem when you don't have enough space. Of course, you need to prioritize giving space for more important things you have before books. One solution for this problem is to dispose old and unwanted books and retain those that you really need and treasure. Instead of burning them, throwing them away, or storing them in the basements for years, you might consider recycling them for various purposes. Here are some eco-friendly tips on how to get rid of those old and unwanted books:


  • Donate them at your public library or even at your school. If your books, though old, are in good condition, you can freely donate them to your local library or school. The librarians may even put your name in the books as a sign of gratitude for donating them.


  • You can also sell them to people or small bookstores. Advertise your books to auction sites like Ebay and make extra cash. Small bookstores also buy old books which they can resell to their customers. There is a demand for academic books or textbooks as these are very expensive when bought original. Rare books usually cost more than popular books.


  • Participate in book crossing (a.k.a. BC, Bcing or BXing) by registering at Wikipedia defines book crossing as the “practice of leaving a book in a public space to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.” The website claims to have more than 900 thousand book crossers around the world and more than 8 million books traveling throughout 132 countries. Of course, these figures are growing everyday.


  • You can trade your old or unwanted books for new bones. Share those old novels to someone and get new novels to read. Join,, or to trade any book that you have.


  • You can donate the books to charitable organizations. Your books can travel to all corners of the world including disadvantaged communities in Africa and Asia. Many children will be happy enough to receive the books you are about to burn or throw in the trash can.


  • There are lots of useful items you could create out of old books including iPod case, lamp shade, table legs, book clock, secret hiding place for your treasured items, and the like. Use your creativity to make amazing things out of books.