recycle electronics

That corner of your living room, is starting to pile up with those old computer games, and Nintendo games. You pile them up neatly, but they are just collecting dust as you have moved on to better versions of the games. So you need to find a way to recycle electronics right?

Are those DVD's that you have watched ten times piling up beside those computer games? How about that cell phone that was paid up with your last plan, but your cell phone service provider convinced you it was time for a new one, or maybe you got yourself a brand new iPhone. So, the old iPhone and others are stuffed in a drawer along with their chargers taking up room.

You can recycle electronics, and actually make a few bucks at is as well. With the electronics market being fueled by those electronic wizards, who absolutely must have the latest and greatest in the electronics world, then more and more of the older versions are ending up in corners of living rooms, and stuffed in drawers. But how to recycle electronics?

Most electronic stores will have a bin that you can toss old cell phones in, but what about DVD's or Nintendo consoles and games? You have a few choices with what to do with these, and there are a few choices now for recycling electronics, even the larger items such as home computers etc.

Give it away

This is the easiest way. Do you have a neighbor, who would love to watch those old DVD's? Kids on the street, who maybe don't have the latest version of Nintendo, and yours still works. This is a great way to recycle, it is called "reuse". So if you remember, the 3 "R's" for the environment are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, this would count as "reuse".

Well the reduce part is not happening in the electronics world! But you can reuse, so give it away if you are not using it. Many local dumps have a reuse side to things where you can take these electronics especially if they still work and someone will pick it up. I know on a Saturday, at our local dump, there are quite a few people standing around to see what shows up!.

Sell online

You can sell your older electronics, as long as they are in good condition and still work.

There are many sites that will pay you for your older model iPhone for example of game consoles.

If you don't want to be bothered with taking pictures and writing descriptions of your items, and then packaging and mailing, then you can deal with sites that will pay you cash and they will deal with the rest. Here are a couple of these sites to check out.


Gazelle is one of those sites. You can key in your model of electronics and they will tell you what it is worth to them and pay you. They will even send you the box! So, this is a great way to clean up your house, and make some money too!

Buy My Tronics

Buy My Tronics is another site that will buy your old cell phones and iPhones. As long as they are still in good working order, you can recycle electronics this way.

The second hand market for electronics such as iPhones, cell phones, computers and more, is being totally fueled by the need for the newest version. As soon as a new version of a iPhone or game comes out the online market swells with last years version.

So, if you are wanting to buy that newest iPhone, and don't know what to do with yours. Then you can recycle electronics, by giving it away, selling it online, or dumping it in one of those electronics recycling bins that are at the local electronics store.

Don't just leave it in a drawer somewhere. Let someone else enjoy it, or line your pockets with some cash, or get rid of it to be recycled. Do some house cleaning and recycle your electronics.