There may be many things standing in your way of getting flat, well defined abs. Some of them may be a lack of motivExercise those abs!ation or dedication. And some of them may be mistakes that you are unwillingly making without knowing that you are making these mistakes. These mistakes are hindering your results, they are wasting your time and are keeping your from achieving your goals. As you can see why identifying these mistakes are so important. It can help you avoid injuries and will also ensure that you achieve your goals faster and without so much frustration. Let's look at the top 5 exercise mistakes:

1. Exercising too much (or incorrectly)

It is important that when you exercise, that you never train the same muscle for consecutive days in a row. This would mean not to exercise your abdominals every day of the week. The other thing to remember is not to over train yourself. Your muscles needs rest and you will only risk injuries if you over train. I would recommend alternating cardio with weight training and abs exercises. It is also very important not to exercise too hard in the beginning and to take it slow at first.

2. Poor Form

It is very important to do exercises correctly. If you do it incorrectly you won't see the same results as you would if you have exercised the right way and you may also risk the chance of serious injuries. With abdominal exercises specifically it is very important to never do the exercises with straight legs, to always do the exercise in a slow controlled manner and to never jerk your head or shoulders up. Always concentrate and use the muscle you are exercising.

3. Exercising abs the wrong way

There are so many people that exercise their abdominals as if its one muscle. But the abs are actually made up out of 4 different muscles and by targeting each muscle equally and individually, will one get much better results. It will also ensure that you avoid injuries and that you see progress faster. To help you avoid this mistake, make sure to include exercises from each abs group - that would include your upper and lower abs, and your internal and external obliques.

4. Only focusing on abs crunches and other abs-specific exercises

Abs crunches will definitely help your abs be stronger and help you build more muscle. But you will never see all your hard work if your abdominal muscles are hidden away by a layer of body fat. If you have excess body fat, it is thus very important to urn that fat away first. To help you do this, still do your abs exercises but make sure to include cardio, weight training and healthy eating as well

5. Doing the wrong combination of exercises

To build strong well defined abs it is very important to get the combination of exercises right. If you do too much cardio, you may risk losing some of your lean muscle mass. And if you do too much weight training (and little cardio), you will never get as fit and healthy. The best way to conquer this is to combine your exercises, to make sure you get in enough cardio, abs training and weight training.

If you avoid these typical stomach exercise mistakes, you will be less frustrated and you will be seeing results sooner. But just don't expect any results too soon, as building strong, well defined abs will take some time. But if you stay motivated and dedicated you will get there slowly but surely.

I know we all want flat abs, but you should think twice before going on a fast weight loss diet. If you are thinking o going on one, read my article about the risks of such diets and also the precautions you need to take before going on easy fast weight loss diets. The better way to get flat abs is to join a gym, If you are residing in India or Canada and you need a new gym to exercise in, check out what others are saying about the fitness one club. Hearing what others say is the best way to get a idea about it.