Reduce Stress
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Deep Breath...

   Stress is something that will most likely always be a factor in life but doesn't necessarily have to be a predominant one. With so much of our days being dedicated to fulfilling the requests and demands of others, it is very important to always consider your stress level, because if you are too stressed out, you will not be of any good use to yourself or anyone else. Aside from just no longer honoring your commitments and responsibilities in an attempt to reduce stress, there are some more practical solutions, like weekly/daily getaways, getting more rest, and consciously eliminating unnecessary stresses. Everybody ultimately comes up with their own solutions to reduce stress, some people smoke, and some people chant, the former being one that may lead to future stress like health problems. The solutions I have in this article are hopefully ones that will reduce stress for now and later.

Getaways (From Stress)

   Responsibilities can be huge sources of fulfillment as well as stresses, and for some people, as rewarding as those responsibilities can be, the stress caused by them can also drive some mad. Well before being driven mad by responsibilities and commitments, it can be a very prudent thing to get away from it all even if just briefly. Is there an awesome part of town where you live that has breathtaking views and a tranquil atmosphere?, go there daily if possible, read a few chapters of a book, sort out some ideas or just meditate and simply enjoy the scenery. How about the gym? The gym can be a great get away and stress reducer, and probably already a place you're aware of that a lot of other people go, if you haven't yet, try it out, getting your body moving through exercise is a proven stress reducer, and the gym like for most, will be a sanctuary for you. Make getting away a responsibility, whether it's daily, weekly or a planned vacation, getting away is to let the steam out of the tea kettle. 

Get More Sleep

   It may be easier said than done to get more sleep, but in regards to reducing stress it would be well worth wild to try. As I'm sure you know, when we go to sleep this is the time that our bodies have to heal and convalese itself from the day's beating. So just like a doctor says when you're sick, "it's very important that you get plenty of rest", well consider being stressed as the same thing as being sick, you would want to follow doctor's orders in this case as well. Getting more sleep should almost be a top 3 priority because it has a lot of bearing on your performance level each day, and how effective you are at doing what you do. Getting more sleep is a sure fire way to replenish the resources needed to deal with stress, and perhaps even enable you to be on your toes enough to avoid stress you see coming. Bottom line is not getting enough sleep in addition to having a busy life is a big stress in itself, so at the very least getting more sleep will reduce the stress caused by not getting enough sleep. 

Eliminate Unnecessary Stress

   There can be loads of causes for the stresses in your life, some of them essentially necessary and some of them not necessary at all! When eliminating the unnecessary stress in our lives, this may take time and a conscious effort to figure out and realize just what those things are. Unnecessary stress can be from a job you have, not a job you love but one you need right now, eliminating this job would be a process that involves planning, time and effort on your part, but having a job that you absolutely hate is only going to become more stressful as time goes on. Another unnecessary cause of stress can be family and friends, if you identify stress with someone in your life and stress is the only feeling you have about that person then that is pretty much an unnecessary stress, eliminate may be too strong of a word but distancing yourself most likely will reduce unnecessary stress caused by family and friends. Unless you're someone who likes stress, there shouldn't be any guilt felt by you for trying to get rid of much of it as you can


Cheers to less stress
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Cheers to Less Stress

   Imagine a bottle of champagne pouring into crystal glasses, here's cheers to less stress! As you well may have heard, stress is a killer! It's not a joking matter actually, and some people do succumb to stress, so it is very much a health issue. Like stated previously, stress will probably always be a factor, but with a dedicated effort to think enough of yourself to always assess your stress level and do whatever you can to always be keeping it low as possible, stress will not be something that reigns in your life.