Lose Tummy Fat

Here is a great list of 16 ways on how to reduce tummy fat. Most of us can use a little help in that area, and most adults are not happy with their ab muscle tone. The good news is you can lose the tummy fat for a nice flat tighter tummy. The list is not that difficult, in fact some of them are quite simple. The key is staying motivated to implement the 16 ways to reduce tummy fat.
1.   No more fast food! Cut back on the fast food and you will cut back on the fat. It is loaded with fat and calories and goes straight to our stomachs. If you can’t resist, try a healthier option like a salad or chicken sandwich instead of fries.
2.   Drink lots of water- Drink and drink more! It’s always good to drink a lot of water, even if you’re not on a diet. It’s healthy for you. Keeping your body hydrated is important to lose tummy fat because, if you are dehydrated your liver won’t function and the fat burning process won’t be as effective. Drink lots of water and also green tea neutralizes the effects of fatty foods. To make sure you drink enough water through-out the day, get in the habit of carrying it with you. The more you drink, you will feel more full and give you less of an urge to grab a sugary drink.
3.   No soda- Soda is often the culprit and so many people need their soda! It has more calories than a banana and offers no nutritional value at all. Most of those calories come from the high fructose syrup, which is a no-no and our bodies don’t really know how to process it, so it ends up sitting around turning into tummy fat. Opt for water instead.
4.   5 meals a day- This is very effective. Instead of 3 large meals, eat 5 small meals a day. Eat every 3 hours. Three meals and two light snacks. This will help you from hunger and binging. Especially with the snacks.
5.   Smaller portions- Pay attention and don’t double your servings. a good rule of thumb is to do a handful of vegetables and a fist size of protein and good carbohydrates. If your still hungry add more vegetables. It’s that simple. After awhile, your stomach will adjust to these portions and shrink which will help you to lose weight because you wont require large portions to be satisfied. This is key on how to reduce tummy fat.


reduce tummy fat
6.   Wait for 20 minutes to feel full- Its takes a few minutes before your tummy thinks its full. Take your time eating. If you feel hungry, wait at least 20 minutes before eating again. You will find your not that hungry after all. By doing this,  you will not over eat, which causes weight gain.
7.   Drink a glass of water before you eat- Before you eat your meal, have a glass of water, then wait a few minutes then eat. If your thirsty, you will eat more. That sounds strange but it’s true.
8.   Cardio- Add cardio to your workout if your not doing cardio already. It can be as simple as walking or just being more active. Instead of taking the elevator try the stairs. If you are doing cardio then kick it up a notch. Do a few minutes more. Any activity that gets your heart pounding and the calories burning is good.
9.   Read the labels- Know what your putting into your tummy. There are many foods that claim to be for dieters but are loaded with calories or high amounts of sugar. Always check the labels on the food packages and drinks. Yes, the drinks are important too. There are way too many drinks on the market that have high sugar content.
    10. Switch Your Sweets- Instead of sweet snacks, switch it up and
          eat fruit. Grab some fresh berries, nectarines or an apple. If you
          still can’t satisfy the sweet tooth, then add a dollup of fat free,
          sugar free whipping cream to your berries or fruit bowl. Switcing
          your routine up for healthy alternatives will make a big difference
          on your waistline.
11. Never Skip Breakfast- This is so easy to do and so important, yet so many people skip breakfast. When you eat breakfast it holds you down longer from hunger and you won’t need to binge or grab unhealthy snacks. The last time your body ate was the night before, so your body is hungry in the morning and goes into starvation and your metabolism decreases if you don’t feed it. You should eat within 1 hour of waking up and your tummy will be content longer.
12. Stop eating 3 hours before bed- Keep the refridgerator closed and don’t eat 3 hours before getting into bed. When you eat 3 hours before sleeping, you take too much food to bed with you and your digestive system stays up all night trying to break down the food. Your body spends extra energy digesting rather than firming and repairing your muscle tissues. Try it and you will feel more energetic when you wake up.
13. Good Posture- Always practice good posture and your tummy will look inches smaller. When you are standing straight your tummy flattens out a bit. Shoulders should be back, neck and back straight and stomach in. Plus, this is good for your back as well.
14. Cut down on alcohol- Drinking alcohol has effects on the liver and slows down the body’s natural fat burning process. An occasional glass of red wine is a better option. It’s a low carb and has some health benefits.
15. Do tummy exercises effectively- It’s always quality, not quantity. If you don’t do an exercise correctly, it’s a waste of time and you won’t benefit from it. Slow down and don’t rush through your exercises. it’s better to do 10 good sit-ups, then 30 bad ones.

16. 50-25-25 Rule- Remember 50% vegetables, 25% protein and 25% good carbohydrates. Your muscles are made of protein and they rebuild and repair themselves with the protein you eat. As for good carbs, carbs are responsible for insulin increase in the transport of amino acids from your blood stream into your muscle tissue. The bottom line, you need a little bit of good carbs to avoid losing lean muscle.

If you can implement this list of how to reduce tummy fat, you will be on your way to a flatter tummy and you will see your tummy shrinking. Along with tummy workouts you will soon have a flat, tighter tummy. Remember if you feed your tummy fat, your tummy will store that fat.