Can I Refill My Own Oxygen Tank?

There are a lot of people who have been prescribed home oxygen therapy who wonder how to refill oxygen tanks. This makes perfect sense, considering that once the oxygen supply has been depleted, you always require more. It is definitely referred to as "life gas" for a very good reason. It can be frustrating to have multiple oxygen tanks in the house taking up space, or waiting for the next delivery to come to your home. The first answer to the question as to whether or not you can refill your own oxygen tank, is yes. The next question is, do you really want to refill your own oxygen tank? In order to be able to refill your own oxygen tank, you need to have an excellent understanding of how an oxygen tank works and how to refill it safely. You will also need an oxygen refill system that is compatible with your tanks in order to undertake this task.

Many people rely on home oxygen companies to refill their O2 tanks. These companies come to your home once a week, once a month or whenever you need them to and swap out your old, empty oxygen tanks for tanks that are full. Having someone in your home all the time can be annoying and inconvenient. It can be a bit scary to have to rely on a company to bring you the oxygen that you need to breathe, especially during times of inclement weather or other situation that may make delivery difficult. Sometimes, this in itself is a powerful motivator that causes people to want to be able to refill their own oxygen.

Fortunately, there are many oxygen refill systems that are now available to consumers springing up everywhere. These systems are becoming more and more affordable, and may be covered under certain insurance policies. Unfortunately, they are not covered by many and you will probably need to pay for this system out of your own pocket. However, it could be one of the best investments you have ever made in yourself. An oxygen tank refill system will make it easy and convenient for you to refill your own oxygen without having to wait on anyone or anything else. This can add security and peace of mind, as you no longer have to be concerned about running out of oxygen. It is also nice to be able to depend on yourself, as opposed to someone else to deliver something that is so important. Being able to generate your own oxygen supply can definitely be a blessing if you are on home oxygen therapy.

Oxygen tank refill systems may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, they are generally made up of the same things. These O2 systems will usually include an oxygen refill station, aluminum tanks, an oxygen conserver and some way to move your oxygen around. This may be accomplished by either an oxygen shoulder bag, if you use small tanks, or an oxygen cart for those who use large oxygen tanks. When considering purchasing one of these systems, be sure to check and see what kind of safety options are available on the particular refill system that you are looking into. Any oxygen refill system should come equipped with an automatic shutoff to avoid overfilling an oxygen tank, which will help ensure your safety.

A common misconception about oxygen tank refill systems is the speed in which your tanks are refilled. It is not a process that takes just a couple of seconds. Many people think that it's a lot like filling a balloon, and that it is an instantaneous process. It's not. Rather, it can take a couple of hours to refill your own oxygen tanks, depending on their size. You will need to plan for and be prepared to allot this time well in advance. As always, your safety is most important. Speak with your doctor to make sure that having the ability to refill your own oxygen is appropriate for you and your health care needs.

Fill Your Own Oxygen Tank

Filling your own O2 tanks can save you time and hassle.