Is your wood filing cabinet in need of some refinishing,maybe over time it has managed to get the odd nick or scrap but the rest of the cabinet is in top condition. Then instead of buying a new one it makes total sense to fix up those nicks and scraps with a few things that will cost you less than if you ere to buy a new one. This article will show you how in a few simple steps so let's do it shall we?.

with a clean rag dab on a little mineral spirits onto it to remove any old polish or grime from the damaged area. This should be taken into consideration that any time you decide to repair wood furniture always work with a clean surface. With a putty knife and some wood filler pack the filler into the damaged area and make sure you get the filler right in to every part of the area, slightly over packing it.

Then with a damp cloth remove any access filler form around the damaged area and let dry. With any product you are a little unsure of always read the back for the manufactures instructions before proceeding. OK once you feel the filler has thoroughly dried you can then sand the area down with some course sand paper until it is flush with the surrounding area or surface.

To get a fine finish use some fine sand paper to give it a fine smooth finish wipe the area clean with a clean damp cloth removing any dust and prepping it for the wood stain. before using the wood stain try and choose one that matches the rest of the cabinet in terms of color and texture and let it dry and give a final wipe down.

Now you know the step by step procedure on what to do for repairing your wooden file cabinet it's pretty simple. Do exactly the same steps should you find any other nicks or scraps on your cabinet . Almost forgot this should have been said at the beginning but I will tell ya now . Just remember to lay down a plastic floor covering if you decide to do this job indoors as some of the chemicals involved may damage your floor or carpet and I don't want to have to write another article explaining how to clean that. To bring your wood filing cabinet back to it's gleaming shine give it a final polish with dark or mid tan wood polish just to top it off and you done.