Every year thousands of men begin to lose their hair to hair loss or male-pattern baldness. This can cause a lot of problems for them in their personal life. It can be a real source of embarrassment as well as a self-esteem killer. The only real choice has always been to either accept that you are losing your hair or shave your head completely to make it look purposeful. Even worse than a man losing his hair in a timely fashion are the cases where men begin to lose their hair prematurely. This can even happen to people before they even reach their thirtieth birthday. Today there are a few different methods to prevent hair loss before your time. Keep reading to learn how to regrow hair.

One of the most common things that a man might try to do to deal with the problem is to shave their head. This looks great on some men and the uniformity looks much better than having hair growing on only part of the head. In order for this to look good it really needs to fit your personality and style however. There are a lot of men who shave their heads long before they start to go bald just because they like it that way. If you aren't willing to give up your hair then there are other options like hairpieces and plugs. Neither of these have really been perfected however. They still look unnatural when compared to real hair. They also both have a social stigma that many people try and avoid.

Another thing that a lot of men try are the various different kinds of hair loss products which have come on the market lately. Some of these require you to have a prescription while others can be bought over the counter. There are some reputable manufactures which have been making pills(and other products) which many have claimed work. However, we are nowhere close to their being a magic pill which can regrow hair on every man and woman. There are some very promising treatments however as well as some that have yet to reach the market because they are still in the testing stages. We might see some very effective formulas comes out in the next twenty years.

How To Regrow Hair

Just a few of the top prescription and over the counter medications which people are buying these days are Propecia, Rogaine, Monoxadil, Avacor, and Proxiphen. These have been shown to work in varying degrees of success in regrowing the hair of men and women. These medications can be expensive however and there is a huge demand for hair regrowth formulas. Many companies have sprung up which seek to offer medications at a much lower price but in this sector of the industry there are just as many, if not more, scammers as there are legitimate companies.

How To Regrow Hair Naturally

Another thing that has been very popular recently are the forms of vitamins and minerals which can supposedly regrow hair. Many industries have been trying out this kind of approach because today we are much more interested in natural methods with fewer side effects. The usual vitamins that they are putting in these pills are vitamin B6 and E, zinc, and several different amino acids. These have been shown to really help people grow much thicker, lustrous, and healthier hair but there has yet to be any conclusive evidence that any of them actually help you regrow hair. If, however, you are just experiencing thinning hair this might be a great method to help you thicken your hair and make it much healthier.

One thing that hairstylists have been doing for ages to help regrow hair is massage the scalp. This can really help stimulate hair growth and it also feels wonderful as well. It has been shown to help stimulate the hair follicles and unclog the oil glands on the scalp(which can make the hair you have rather dull). If you can get someone else to massage your scalp for you then you will be in for a very relaxing treat.

There are a lot of types of hair loss supplements on the market. They can really range from being pricey to being reasonable, being tested to being completely untested, and being proven in clinical trials to being completely untested in clinical trials. If you are going to actually consider supplements on the market you need to have very good judgment and do a lot of homework to make sure what you are buying isn't just a scam. The internet is actually a great place to do this. You can find consumer reviews and honest testimonials if you know where to look. One of the things I would suggest is to make sure that whoever you are buying from has a money back guarantee. This shows the company actually has confidence in their product.

Preventing Further Hair Loss

After you have found a good way to begin regrowing hair it is important that you also find a good way to prevent further hair loss in the future. Unfortunately, the main cause of premature balding is genetics. In this case there really isn't anything you can do. However, it is often also causes by hormonal imbalances. If you correct your hormonal imbalances then you will often completely stop hair loss. For example, many women find that they begin to lose their hair either while pregnant of after having a baby. This is because they have a really high amount of hormones in their body during the pregnancy.

There are also certain kinds of medication on the market which have been shown to aggravate hair loss. While I won't name any of the medications specifically most of them are types of blood thinners, medications for gout, birth control pills, antidepressants, and chemotherapy medications. Having too much vitamin A in your blood stream has also been shown to cause more hair loss. Other things that can cause more hair loss are very tight hairstyles like cornrows or tight ponytails. You should also avoid hair treatments which use a lot of chemicals such as perms.

Patience is a must when it comes to regrowing hair. Treatments for regrowing hair, whether they are over the counter or precaution it is important to remember that it can take as much as six months before their effect is really showing. There really isn't any kind of quick fix for hair loss.