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Reasons For Rehoming A Dog

Why Do Dogs Need To Find A New Home ?

Dogs come into our lives for many reasons and most poeple intend to keep their dog for life. However sometimes sadly things happen to people  that can impact upon the  ability  to keep their animal frined forever. We are not talking here about abandoned or ill treated animals but rather dogs that are in need of a new home due to sad or difficult things happening to their owners. 

 There reasons I have most seen from the owners point of view are divorce, homelessness, serious illness, a new baby that has serious illnesses, serious financial difficulties, elderly owner having to go into a home where they do not allow animals, dementia and mental health issues of the owner and severe allergies.

From helping in rescue centres I have seen first hand the many circumstances that can occur and the heartbreak parting with a beloved animal friend can cause. Sometimes other solutions have been tried first but have not worked out for various reasons and rehoming is the last resort. Shelters should be considerate to owners under these curcumstances and people should be treated with respect and also need to bear in mind that any questions asked are so that they can care for and rehome your animal friend more effectively.

I have also seen the lack of planning that often can occur when difficult circumstances force this decision and feel that if people could do a little planning before they decide to hand him or her over to a rescue the chances of the dog finding a good new home quickly would increase.  Please give the centre as much information as possible so that a new suitable home can be found as soon as possible. 

Preparing To Help Rehoming A Dog

Review The Dogs Needs

Emotions may be running high when the decision to rehome is taken. However it is vital to now think of the pet's needs first.  

Before taking to just any shelter research which ones might be the most suitable. There are a huge range of rescue centres some well known National ones, some small local ones. Some may have places immediately, for others there will be a wait list. If you are rehoming a purebred maybe a breed specific rescue might be a consideration.

Maybe you know the dog does not do well in kennels so perhaps a rescue where they utilise foster carer homes would be preferable. These considerations becomes even more important if the dog is very young, very old or has any health issues. Some rescues will allow the dog to remain in their current home and be promoted by the rescue, to save the dog further stress at being moved into kennels. Choosing the right rescue for the dog will increase a dogs chances of finding a new home more quickly.

Personally I would always recommend a registered rescue rather than putting an advert in a paper or a card in a shop. You need to know that wherever your dog is going they will be screened by the rescue, possibly get follow ups from the rescue  and be deemed responsible dog owners. Do make sure the shelter is a rescue rather than a dog pound and ensure it is a no kill shelter so that dogs can remain there as long as it takes to find a new loving home. 

Ideally check your dog is fully vaccinated and wormed and deflead prior to taking into rescue and that you have all the vetinary certificates. If you can, give your pet a bath and a trim if needed and just a nice groom so they look and feel their best. 

Rescues will very often ask you for many details about the dog prior to taking them in and it is helpful if you have thought about this beforehand and made some preparations. It is very helpful to draw up a brief list of your dogs likes and dislikes, any fears (like fireworks, cars etc)  and anything they particularly enjoy. 

Do leave a record of any food  or other allergies and any medical conditions and medication, this is vital information to ensure your dog is to remain healthy. Also it is helpful to know what food,  treats and toys they like.

It is helpful to know where they are used to sleeping and if they have good lead walking and recall off lead or not. Also useful to know how they are with other dogs and with any other animals especially cats. Do tell the rescue how they react around children as well, if they are used to children or have had no contact with children.

All this can be written down quite easily and although it is very hard for the person rehoming their pet it is a last duty and loving act you are doing for hm or her to help them to cope with this new change in their life as smoothly and easily as possible. 

If you are a family member rehoming a dog due to the owners death or need to go into a home then it is important to try to gather as much information as possible about the dog even though it was not yours.

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Woodgreen Animal Shelter On Rehoming Procedures

What Happens In Rehoming A Dog?

What To Pack For Your Dog

Your Dogs Familiar Things

The day of leaving your dog can be a distressing and painful one but if at all possible you need to try to remain calm and stoic. It may be a good idea to take your dog for a nice long walk before taking to rescue or being picked up. This will help to calm both of you down and be a good last memory.

Pack all their things away at a time when they are not able to see you doing this as it could prove distressing to them. Ideally if you are able take  to rescue a pet bed, water bowls, collar and lead or harness they are used to, a supply of their food and favourite treats and their toys  and any blankets or other special things. This will help them to feel more comfortable in a strange environment and to have some familiar fabrics and smells around them. 

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Oldies Club Dogs Rehomed.

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When You Leave Your Dog In Shelter.

Be Calm And Steady For Your Dog

Try to keep the leaving calm and steady, I do understand how hard this is but again we are thinking of your dog. If you have done all you can you then need to go and concentrate on getting your life sorted. Hopefully he or she will be rehomed quickly with a loving caring famiy and live on a happy life.

Things happen in life we can't always control. Ideally we would have a back up plan for every eventuality when we first get our animal friends, but sometimes life doesnt work out the way we planned.  If people have thought this through and know it is for the best, then do all they can to make it smooth and less stressful, then everyone can both move on with their lives.