Feeling lonely once in a while comes naturally with everyone. However, hopelessness and desolation taking over you is depression.Transitory sadness and pain is a normal part of life, but if you live with those feelings every single day, then it will more likely take over your mental thinking and affect your daily actions in a negative way. People may not understand your agony because it’s more of a mental and emotional problem but the some experts say that this form misery is worse than physical suffering.

1. Hang Out With Your Friends

Real friends are the ones that stay around regardless of your worse side on the worse days. They are rare to find for some people, and although you might feel like surrendering from your search of “THE FRIEND”, there’s no need to try so hard. You meet new people everyday and it takes time to get to know their real character. At some times, people tend talk to friends more than family members. Friends seem to understand your problems more and talking to family members about your problems sometimes result in conflict. It is not necessary to have many of them, just having one is already enough to secure yourself that you will have somebody to lean on. They are more effective than most medications.

2. Go On Dates

Letting love in will surely be a distraction to problems. A lot of the depressions are caused by heartbreaks from relationships, but you can not deprive yourself from opening up to love just because of a separation from your last partner. It is okay to take the time and heal the wounds and getting back on track with your love life will distract you from your past relationship.

3. Pick Up More Hours From Work

Staying at home with nothing to do will more likely bring back terrible memories that caused your depression. Working for more hours will distract your mind and you also get payed more as you’re helping yourself get away from your problems. Just be sure that you don’t hate your job, or it will denigrate your mind even more!

4. Travel

Going to your dream place is a mental therapy. Bring your friends or family with you and be sure to not discuss your problems while you are away unless you are in a state of resolving them for good! Appreciate the time, place and the people who you are with and live you life to the fullest while enjoying your vacation.

5. Visit Families From Other Places

Going on a picnic, a barbecue, or just simply eating at home is a great way to reunite family and tie back the connection. Talking about each person’s childhoods, likes and dislikes, and sharing baby pictures is a perfect way for a family entertainment.

6. Rearrange Your Furniture

Going home after work to the same arrangement will not  help change your perception. Move around some things from your house (the interior for the most part). It will change your daily routine and views. Make sure you also change the color and decorations to bring your house back to life!

7. Experiment in Cooking

For some people, cooking is more than just a chore, it is a form of hobby and a therapeutic interest. Doing it with somebody you like to hang out with makes everything more enjoyable. You get three things out of this: you are spending time with someone special, you are distracting yourself from thinking about your problems, and for sure, you are making something delicious!

8. Hit the Beach

Getting a tan is almost imperative if you want to be a part of the latest hit in the society that we have now. Currently, it is viewed as a more attractive shade of skin complexion. Relax your mind and enjoy the calm breeze while you’re at the beach.

9. Camping

Retract from your daily routine and take the time to connect with nature. There’s nothing more soothing than going camping with people you get along with. Leave all the disturbances at home, including technological possessions such as iPods, computers, radios, etc. Bring your cellphone with you at all times in case of emergency, but don’t make it a source of amusement.

10. Play a sport

Learn a sport and even master it for a change! You don’t only get to enjoy in playing a particular game but you will also have a chance with getting back in shape. Most importantly, this will make you forget about feeling depression.

Overall, do whatever makes you feel at peace and salutary. Do not let depression take over your life. Bear in mind that life is very short; it will be over before you know it so you have to live it to the fullest. Do not let something or someone snag it away from you. It’s yours, enjoy it and take control on how you want to run it.


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