Dry eye relief can be achieved through two means. The first way is by using a product, the second way is through natural means. There are a couple reasons why your eyes are itchy, and knowing how to prevent those will help a great deal.

Things You Will Need

Eye drops, water, allergy medicine.

Step 1

There are a couple reasons why your eyes may itch. The two major reasons are allergies and lack of water. To take care of your allergy induced itchy eyes, try taking allergy medicine such as claritin. Avoiding allergens, such as cats, will help a lot in reducing your discomfort. Eyes tend to dry out as the day wears on. Keeping properly hydrated will help a lot in keeping your eyes lubricated. At night, with the accumulation of allergens and lack of hydration, your eyes may feel like they are on fire. There are some products that are specifically designed to help deal with these symptoms.

Step 2

Eye drops may all look the same, but, they are not. There are some eye drops that work better than others. Visine is a good all around eye drop. It is for general discomfort. This is a good brand and the eye drops are at a good price. For people who wear contact lenses, I would recommend a different eye drop.

Step 3

Clear Eyes is an excellent brand that produces eye drops specially for people who wear contact lenses. They have a product, "Contact Lens Relief" that is great if you wear lenses. It is important to note that not all drops are safe with lenses. The best thing to do would be to remove your lenses then apply the drops. If you are in a hurry, be sure to pick up a bottle of drops that is compatible with your lenses. Clear Eyes is great for such an occasion when you can't take your lenses out.

Step 4

Drinking a healthy amount of water a day will help a lot in lubricating your eyes. The water will reduce the concentration of allergens in your eyes as well as help flush out the rest of your system. Taking a day or two from wearing your contact lenses will also help. Giving your eyes a break every now and then from the extra lubrication needed to keep both lenses and your eyes dry will help.
One reason why people have itchy eyes is because they do not drink enough water. Water consumption is important to overall health. By having enough water, you will not only improve your eyes, but also the rest of your body. Using eyedrops in moderation is safe. Be sure to not become completely dependent on them though. Consult an optometrist if your eyes do not get better. Having healthy eyes will improve the way you see the world.

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