There are always lots of memories and thoughts flying around in your brain, but how do you keep track of them all? There is no magic bullet or pill to help boost your memory but there are different methods for growing your mind power.

Write It Down

Whether it's on a piece of paper or typed out in the digital world, writing it down is one step closer to remembering it better. I carry around a notebook with me so I can write any ideas or anything important I have to remember.

It might benefit you to walk around with a personal sketch pad and write anything you need to remember. At the end of the day, before you fall asleep, look over the sketch pad and make sure that anything that needed to get taken care of today was taken care of.

Say It Out Loud

Speaking what you have to remember is another way your brain learns information. By taking something that was inside your head or on paper and saying it you've created another pillar of remembrance in your mind.

It may also do you good to record what you say into a portable digital recorder. At the end of the day, similar to the write it down tip, play back whatever you said into the recorder. This will refresh your memory. Another bonus is that talking into a personal recorder makes you look like a private detective!

Learn It Over A Period Of Time

Just like schoolwork, learning something repeatedly over time will reinforce in your brain better than cramming all the information at once. This tip only applies for some cases but for those I recommend you use it.

Some ways you can do this are by taking what you need to remember and breaking it down into smaller tasks. This only works in some cases but you may find it an incredibly helpful tip.

Learn It Your Way

Everyone has different ways of learning and remembering. If you are a visual person, draw what you need to remember or envision it happening. If you are an audio person, say it out loud and record yourself speaking it. Use what you know about yourself to help remember things better.

Don't let me or anyone else tell you how you have to learn something to remember it. It is your job to find out what methods work for you and to perform them so you become a lean, mean, remembering machine.

Exercise Your Brain

One tip I cannot stress enough is to exercise your brain. The reason is because a sharper brain means better memory recollection and more space to put stuff to remember.

Some ways you can sharpen your brain through exercise is by playing card games and mental games that you enjoy. A few that I enjoy performing that lead to better memory are Sudoku puzzles, solitaire games, and writing.

Wrapping Up

Like I wrote earlier, you have to know what type of learner you are to maximize your remembering capability. Write stuff down, speak stuff out, just do what you have to do to remember!