A lot of people have trouble with remembering what they have read. They spend hours reading through a book, to only a week later; forget what it was that they read.

Just think of how much more you could have learned if you remembered everything that you read.
If you did, I'm guessing it would have a huge impact on your life.

Here is a list of things that you can start doing to remember everything that you read.

1. Teaching someone else what you are reading is a great way to learn whatever it is that you are reading.
Take advantage of this.
Find someone that you can teach all the things that you read.

2. Reading the summary first.
This is a great way of understanding what the book is about and its purpose, but also so that you can better understand the important parts while reading the book.

3. Skim the book first. It will make you get a feel for where the important parts are.

4. Take notes. The more notes the better.

5. Highlight important parts of the text with a marker pen.

6. Read when you are focused and have energy.
This will have a huge impact on how much you remember of what you have read.

7. Rehearse.
Rehearse after every chapter. Look over your notes or the parts that you highlighted.

8. Find or create a good reading environment.
Not to dark. Make yourself comfortable, but not so that you start to fall asleep.

9. If you are a group of people reading the same book, form a discussion group and discuss the content of the book.

10. You can create a reading schedule.
This will signal to your brain that what you are doing is important.

11. Think about what you are reading.
Many people just rush through books, it's better to stop and make sure that you fully grasp everything; it will also make you remember more of what you read.

12. Ask yourself why you are reading that particular piece of writing.
This can help you find something that is of interest to you, therefore making you more motivated and focused.

13. Loop up words that you don't understand in a dictionary. Not understanding certain words can cause you to not understand the message in the text, making it more difficult for you to remember it.

14. Read the words out loud.
You have probably heard that everyone learns the best in different ways. Some people learn the best by reading while others while hearing etc.

15. Read more.
The more you read, the better you will become at it, and chances are you will be able to remember more as a result of being a better and more focused reader.

Use some of these techniques while reading and you will find that you will start to remember more of what you read.