Babies and children by nature are messy! That's ok because we love them way more than we love their clothes, our clothes, sheets and blankets. Baby formula-stains are one of the hardest stains to remove from baby clothes especially when they are on white and light colored baby clothes and bibs. The baby formula-stains make the clothes look dirty. Baby formula leaves behind a yellow brown stain on pretty much any fabric it comes in contact with. The reason infant formula-stains are so difficult to remove is because they are an enzyme based stain. Enzyme based laundry stains attach to the clothing fibers and will not release unless they are neutralized. Never put baby clothes or any clothes with infant formula-stains into a clothes dryer because the heat from the dryer will set it making it a part of the fabric and virtually impossible to remove.

Removing Baby formula-stains

In a small bowl: add 1 tablespoon of powdered meat tenderized. Use a meat tenderizer without any type of seasoning or coloring. Meat tenderizers can be purchased in a any grocery store.

Slowly add water while stirring continuously to form a paste.

Wet the baby formula-stain on the garment with plain water. Wet the baby formula-stain from the opposite side of it, turn the clothing inside out if necessary. If the fabric has a plastic backing such as a baby bib, wet it from the front.

Spread the meat tenderizer paste over the baby formula-stains using your fingers, a flexible spatula or dab it on with a clean, damp, white cotton rag. If you use a rag, never use any fabric that has been dyed or has color because you may transfer the dye onto the clothing you are trying to clean.

Gently rub the paste into the formula-stain. Use a damp, clean, white cotton rag, a very soft bristle brush or an old soft toothbrush.

Place the baby formula-stained clothing in a plastic bag and tie the top to close it.

Allow the infant formula-stained clothing to sit for 3 to 4 hours in the plastic bag.

Launder as usual.

 If its remain, repeat the process. If ited clothes have been thrown in a clothes dryer or ironed. After its are exposed to that type of heat, they are generally permanent.

Stain Removal Tips

Just like any other stain, the more quickly you can treat the formula-stains the more likely you will have success.

Make every attempt to treat infant formula-stains before they have had a chance to dry, they will be easier to remove.

You can dampen it, apply it removing paste and leave it in the plastic bag for a day or so before washing. Don't leave it removal paste to remain on the fabric any longer than about 1 to 1 1/2 days because you will end up with mold and mildew stains.

If your clothes have baby formula-stains and are dry clean only, do not attempt to remove them with it removal paste. Bring dry clean only stained clothes to a professional dry cleaner and tell them what it is. If you use wet cleaning tips on dry clean only clothing, you may ruin the fabric.

Stain Prevention Tips

Always keep a bib on the baby when the baby drinks formula.

Throw a burping cloth over your shoulder just in case.