Deciding how to remove bed bugs can leave you with some difficult choices. You will first have to consider your family members. Do you have small children or pets that may be affected by chemicals or sprays. How serious is the bed bug problem? Do you have just a few or are you faced with a full blown infestation. Will your budget allow you to hire a professional exterminator which can run into hundreds of dollars?

Are the bugs living inside your mattresses and box springs or does it appear that they are traveling to the bed in order to feed when a human is present and then returning to their hide out off of the bed. If you are not able to find live bed bugs on or in your mattresses but you do find traces that indicate they have been there then you might try a temporary control. Smear petroleum jelly around the legs of your bed which will stop them from reaching the mattress. This is a method to use if the budget is tight.

Another method that has been used in the past to prevent the bugs from climbing the bed legs is to place each leg in a metal container such as a small pot or baking pan or cup with a little water. The bugs fall into the water and are prevented from getting to the mattress. This is not an ideal solution as the water would have to be changed frequently and the moisture could cause damage or rust to the bed legs. However in an emergency this could be a temporary solution.

A Simple Device To Detect And Trap Bed Bugs

If you can afford them there is a better solution to stop the pests from climbing up the bed legs and at the same time trap them which allows you to determine how bad theThe product is called the Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor And Trap.

These specially designed plastic cups look like a container within a container. The interior surfaces are coated with a thin layer of talc which makes interior surfaces too slippery for theClimbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Monitor And TrapCredit: Bed Bug Supply bugs to crawl out. The double container will trap bugs trying to crawl up the legs in the outer container and any bugs leaving the bed will fall into the inner container which allows you to determine where they are coming from. These cups are pesticide-free so there is no danger to children or pets. They are available in three sizes and are inexpensive.

You should vacuum your mattress and bed springs  thoroughly to remove any bugs or eggs that you can see. The best preventive method you can use is to encase your mattress and boxsprings and even the pillows if the budget allows in bed bug covers sometimes called a bed bug matress cover. These specially designed encasements completely enclose those items and prevent bugs from entering. If they have already gained entrance, keeping the encasements on for 18 months will kill any existing bugs.

If you decide to purchase encasements be sure they are labeled as certified and bug proof. This certification is granted by the FDA when certain specific requirements have been met.

Heat Is One Of The Most Effective Methods Of Eradication

Applying heat is a sure answer to the "How to remove bed bugs", question. Heat is one of the most effective methods. In fact many professional exterminators are now using this technique when a home has an extensive infestation. Using special heaters and fans they actually raise the temperature of the entire home to over 118 degrees for several hours.  As you might imagine this is a labor intensive and expensive procedure.

There are simpler methods you can use at home to apply heat. Try using a heat lamp and carefully use it on all the areas of your mattresses and boxspings. Be sure to look into any seams and around the button tufting to make sure you get at any bugs that may be present. Be careful and do not scorch any surfaces with the lamp.

A better method is to apply dry steam. Using specially designed dry steamers you canBed Bug SteamerCredit: Bed Bug Supply easily treat an entire mattress, box springs, upholstered furniture, dressers, closets, and clothing that may be infected. These hand held units are inexpensive and can be used for a number of tasks around the home. They work well for cleaning soap scum form shower doors and bathroom tile. Clean counter tops and any other surface that has become dingy.

Wash bed linens and other washable bedding and clothing items in hot water and place in the dryer at high heat for at least 20 minutes to kill live bugs and eggs.

Keep a close watch on any backpacks or clothing the children might bring home from a friends house that is infected. Be extremely careful when staying at motels or hotels where you could pick up bugs in your luggage and transport them into the home.

It goes without saying that prevention is much preferred to extermination. Try some of the methods described above and you may not need to  ask  “How To Remove Bed Bugs”.

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