A blood stain, if you allow it dry, can permanently ruin a nice piece of clothing. It would be a tragedy to have a small non-consequential accident and permanently ruin your favorite white shirt.

Luckily we have products today, many of which can be found for cheap online, which can easily remove blood stains from clothing. Because I seem to constantly have bloody noses people often ask me how to remove blood stains from clothing. These bloody noses can come from all kinds of things. My most common problem is that it is simply dry outside. The low humidity and heat of where I live compounded with the fact that I have genetic sinus problems can be a huge disaster. I usually compensate for this problem by wearing dark clothing, however I cannot stop the fact that occasionally an offending drop may fall on my nice jeans.

If you have children you may also have a lot of problems with blood stains. Some kids just seem to spew blood from every orifice every time you turn around. Adventurous children seem to be the worst. I know when I was a child, if there was a sharp stick to be found then I would be playing with it. Me and my friends also used to skateboard and rollerblade on occasion. One slip and you can have a bleeding mess of road rash on one of your limbs. You also can not put out the occasional accident. Such as an occasional slip with a kitchen knife otherwise. You don't want to have t

o worry about what happens to your clothes while you should be finding a solution to stop the bleeding.

There are the obvious methods for removing blood stains from clothing. If the blood is still wet you can easily spray on some household cleaner and scrub the area until the stain is gone. Unfortunately this doesn't always work. Another method I learned that I have often used on carpet stains is to put a little bit hydrogen peroxide on the area, let it bubble, and then try cleaning it again. Hydrogen peroxide was not made for this purpose however and may stain the clothes and may have different effects on different materials. For a small stain you could even try saliva. Just spit on the area and try and clean it again. However, I believe the best method for removing stains from clothes are products specifically made for removing stains.