Chocolate-stains on clothing can be difficult to remove if you don't use the correct technique and stain removal agent. chocolate-stains may be the result of dripping ice cream, spilled hot chocolate, a messy, melted chocolate bar. chocolate sauce or maybe even chocolate cake. If you have a taste for chocolate, stains usually are not far behind especially with children. Removing chocolate-stains actually has a fairly easy stain removal method. Even though the solution to removing a chocolate-stain is fairly easy, it needs to be done in the correct order to ensure success. As with any type of stain, a garment with a chocolate-stain should never be put in the dryer because the heat of the dryer will permanently set it.



Scrape off as much of the dried chocolate as possible with a butter knife or the edge of a credit card. Use care to not damage the fabrics' fibers.

Turn the item inside out to work from the reverse side of it.

Hold ited area under cold running-water allowing the water to flow through it from the opposite side of the chocolate-stain.

Place it facing downward on a layer of white paper-towels. Use only white paper-towels because the dye from color paper-towels can transfer onto your clothing.

Squirt a little liquid hand soap onto-the back of it.

Wet a clean white rag and work the hand soap into it. Begin at the outer edge of it, working your way towards the middle as to not spread the chocolate-stains.

Hold it under cold running-water to rinse out soap.

In a small bowl add 1/2 of a cup of cool water and 1 tablespoon of hydrogen-peroxide for colored clothing. For white clothing undiluted hydrogen-peroxide can be used. hydrogen-peroxide can be purchased in pharmacies and grocery stores.

Slowly pour hydrogen-peroxide and water or straight hydrogen-peroxide directly onto-the back of the chocolate-stains.

Press the chocolate-stains into the white paper-towels. Move ited area over different places on the paper-towel. Change paper-towels as needed.

Add more hydrogen-peroxide and press into the paper-towels as needed.

Launder as usual.