Learning how to remove hard water stains from glass can be tiring. Many people simply think they can just scrub hard water stains away but after some effort it is obvious that this is not the case. Removing hard water stains from your glass shower door or bathroom window requires either a product specifically for hard water removal or a cocktail of home cleaning materials.

How To Remove Hard Water Stains On Glass

Remove Hard Water Stains From GlassUnless you want to start cleaning hard water stains with harsh chemicals and expensive products you are going to have to pick up a few basic items. Depending on the way you want to approach your glass doors and windows certain items may be better than others.

To start off you can go to the store and get yourself some basic lemon juice from the produce section, white vinegar, and a little baking soda along with a scrubbing pads which safe for use on glass. After all you don't want to be cleaning hard water stains only to be leaving scratches to the glass in their wake. Unless you go to the store to buy hard water stain remover you will have to create your own.

Spray the glass surface down with a thin layer of lemon juice and let the acid start working while you mix equal parts of lemon juice and white vinegar into baking soda until a nice scrubbing consistence is formed. One the lemon juice has had time to work on the glass you can begin scrubbing with your homemade cleaning solution.

Start to rub the solution on the glass with small circular motions. You can use a hard bristled tooth brush if necessary to get in the corners if you can't reach them with your scrubber. You will want to make sure you use enough baking soda to react and to cut the liquid down to a more pasty consistency.

After you scrub the entire glass surface down with your home-made hard water removal cocktail you will want to rinse and clean the surface one more time as you would clean any other glass surface. If the surface isn't completely free of hard water stains you can always repeat the process until the hard water stains are complete gone.

Removing Hard Water Stains & Preventing Them From Forming

This technique works well for glass doors and windows that have light hard water stains. For tougher jobs you may need to repeat this process a few times. Removing hard water stains on glass is never easy so if this doesn't appeal to you then there are always hard water stain glass cleaners on the market that should do the job if you are willing to spend a little money.

Many of these products will show you how to get rid of hard water stains and keep them away for good with their products however you can always keep hard water stains from accumulating by simply cleaning frequently with white vinegar and water. With this simple and inexpensive maintenance regimen you shouldn't ever have to clean hard water stains from glass ever again.