Changing the wall, trim or ceiling color in a room can easily result in paint spills, drips and splatters on a Pergo floor. Whether you lay tarps, layers of newspaper or drop cloths or feel you are a neat enough painter to do without protection on the floor, you can end up with ugly paint marks that ruin the entire look of the room. Whenever you tackle any do it yourself project you should be prepared to clean up mistakes so you know if you have to run for the cleaners or slowly walk. Of course, you want to use only paint removal remedies that won’t ruin your Pergo floor.

Pergo flooring is made of plastics and composite materials. Pergo prints a thin picture of the wood grain and sandwiches it between the composite material and a tough, durable, wear resistant finish.

Wet Spills, Drips and Drops on a Pergo Floor

Grab a clean, soft rag and put it at the outer edge of the spill or drip.

Wipe the rag in toward the middle of the wet paint.

Fold the rag over so you have a clean side or get another rag. Wipe the wet-paint from the opposite side of the wet paint edge toward the middle of the spill or splatter. Don’t wipe the rag back and forth or in circles or you will spread and smear paint all over your Pergo floor and make the mess worse.

Keep wiping the paint from the edge toward the middle of the wet-paint until you pick up as much of the paint as possible.

Spray Pergo Floor Cleaner onto a clean rag and wipe up any remaining drips.

Dry-paint on a Pergo Floor

Put a plastic flat edged scraper at a low angle to the floor next to the dried-paint. Push the scraper through the dry-paint to scrape the paint off the floor. You can also use the edge of a credit card or other stiff-plastic to scrape it off the Pergo floor.

Dip a nylon scrubbing sponge into Pergo floor cleaner and scrub the remaining dried paint stain until it disappears. 

If the stain remains:

Dampen a small section of a clean rag or scrubbing sponge with denatured alcohol. Start at the edge of the stain and scrub the paint stain, starting at the outer edge and moving toward the center of the stain. If the paint remains in the small recesses of the floor pattern or between sections or planks, dip an old toothbrush into the denatured alcohol and scrub the paint stain away.

Submerge a rag with water, wring out the excess and wipe the floor to remove the denatured alcohol residue.

Dry the floor with paper towel or a rag.

Avoid using metal scrapers, steel wool, scouring powders or other types of harsh cleaners because you can scratch and ruin the Pergo flooring finish.

Do not overly wet the Pergo flooring when cleaning up paint stains or spills.

Always keep a pile of clean rags on hand when painting, they come in handy.

Keep a large rag in the doorway of the room in which you are painting. When you leave the room leave your boots on the rag or wipe your feet well. This prevents you from tracking wet paint to other areas of the house.