Understanding the composition of various stains, such as tomatoes, helps you find the right way to clean it. Tomatoes contain Lycopene. This is the component which gives carotene pigmentation. Such pigmentation and elements of carotene can be found in various fruits and vegetables. Among them are carrots, watermelon and papaya - all of which can also cause prominent staining. Lycopene is hard to break up because they are not water soluble. This means that you can not break the stain down by the use of water. 

To properly clean a pasta stain, the correct cleaner must be used. Surfactant based cleaners are idea for cleaning pasta sauce because they will work to break the bonds. Surfactant based cleaners do need water to become active. A surfactant based cleaner can alter the Lycopene, break it apart and then be removed from carpet.

Pasta Stain On Carpet

Pasta Stain In Carpet

This photo shows a pasta stain on carpet. The stain came from an entire can of ravioli spilled on a brand new carpet. 

The stain shown in the photo is pasta that came from an entire can of ravioli being spilled on a new carpet. Prior to being photographed, the actual pasta was removed and what remained was attempted to be cleaned using water. As the Lycopene is insoluble to water, it did not break down. In fact, the water only made the mess worse as it spread the pasta sauce outward and further into the carpet. 

Pasta Stain Cleaning

In cleaning a stain of this size and nature, the best practice is to use a machine. In this example, a small carpet cleaning machine was used. Here, the attachment hose is being used. It is also important to use the right cleaning formula. A 50/50 mix of hot water and a surfactant based cleaner were used. In this case, Genesis 950 was the cleaning agent used. Using the attachment, simple strokes were made over the area. The handle to the extension hose of the machine has a trigger which allows for the cleaning solution and water mix to be dispensed into the carpet. 

Pasta Stain Cleaning

Repeatedly, go over the area dispensing the mix of solution and water. The hose extension will also suck up excess water as it dispenses. As the process is repeated, whatever has been spilled on the carpet will begin to lift. Remember, it is not the water lifting the stains, but the surfactant cleaner which is breaking their bonds. The water simply activates the surfactant and flushes out the particles once they have been broken down. 

Remove Pasta Stains

As cleaning with the hose can be timely, the main component of the cleaning machine can be used. Here, the Bissell SpotBot was placed directly on the remaining pasta sauce. This particular machine has rotating bristle brushes as well as plastic blades which glide over the carpet and squeeze you extra moisture. This machine has a function which allows it to be placed on the stain, release the solution over the area, and extract all moisture. It is clearly visible that while operating, it is pulling more out of the carpet. The return water tank can be seen in the photo. 

Remove Pasta Stains

As the process is repeated, the mess is lifted and removed by the cleaning machine.

Remove Pasta Stain

Eventually the stain has been completely lifted with little work, only 1 product, and with no damage to the carpet. This process can be completed in a number of ways. A carpet cleaning machine or shampooer can be used without the attachments. The cleaning can be complete by hand as well. In either case, after cleaning the area, flush the area with straight water. This will simply extract everything out of the carpet and give it that new look it had before it was spilled on. 

This cleaning process is also great for pet stains, as well as basic traffic stains. 

Genesis 950 Concentrate

Genesis 950

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