If you get pimples do you know what causes them? Have you any idea how to get rid of pimples? In most general terms a pimple is simply a raised red bump on your skin caused by a bacterial infection. It is the most noticeable symptom of acne and is the bane of many teens existence. Of course not only teens get pimples, even some adults are prone to pimples. All it can take is a bit of stress and a blocked pore and sure enough, there's the zit.

There are many things that can block a pore from your own dead skin cells to oils from cosmetics and even from your own sweat. Once the pore becomes blocked it is ripe for bacteria to begin growing inside and the faster that bacteria grows the more likely you are to get a pimple. Stress can make it grow exponentially and once the bacteria is growing the pore begins to swell and get red and inflamed…bam a pimple!

One other thing that can help contribute to your acne problem is your diet. Greasy foods cause excess oils to build up in our bodies fluids and excess sweets play havoc with our hormones. It's well known that increased hormones can play a part in the formation of pimples and that excess simple sugars can cause huge increases in certain hormones. Get your diet in shape and you will very likely see a much clearer complexion.

So, getting rid of acne may not be completely possible because of your own hormonal fluctuations, but you can help the situation. Of course, getting rid of individual pimples is another matter entirely. It's almost inevitable that when you have a big date or special occasion you get the biggest possible pimple. To get rid of it safely just follow the steps below:

Do not pop the pimple. I think that bears repeating. Do not pop the pimple. Popping a pimple can only lead to scarring and increased infection. No matter how tempting it might seem, please don't pop.

Assuming the pimple is fully formed you are ready to get rid of it. It has to be filled with pus and look ready to erupt, otherwise this method won't work.

  1. Get a sharp sewing needle, rubbing alcohol, gauze pads and warm water
  2. Immerse the needle in the alcohol to sterilize it. No, you don't have to heat the needle with a match, the alcohol will do just fine.
  3. Wash your hands and face to make sure they are clean of dirt and bacteria. As an extra precaution dip your fingers in the alcohol and clean the area around the pimple with a gauze pad dipped in alcohol.
  4. Take the needle and prick the white part of the pimple. Place a gauze pad on either side of the pimple and squeeze gently until all that comes out is clear liquid or blood. The pimple is now gone…whew!
  5. Soak one of the gauze pads in alcohol and rub the now defunct pimple and the area around it. This will kill any remaining bacteria and sterilize the wound you created when you pierced the pimple.

If you are going out you can safely cover the remains of the pimple with a non-oil based concealer.

So, don't let a pimple ruin your social life. Acne treatment may be a bit more complex, but getting rid of a single pimple isn't. Take control back and get rid of those pimples rather than becoming a hermit.