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To remove redness on your pimples, you will need a time, patience, and a few household items. If you are experiencing pimple redness and would like to learn how to remove the redness on your pimples, then read this collection of home made remedies that are proven to help remove redness on your pimples.

Step 1:
Apply ice to the affected area every half hour for 2 minutes. The ice will help with any pain you may be experiencing, and will also help remove redness on your pimples.

Step 2:
Make a paste of crushed aspirin and water and apply as a mask. Aspirin disinfects your face, remove redness and swelling, and helps exfoliate dead skin cells.

Step 3:
Apply redness relief eye drops. Use Visine, etc . Use a cotton ball and apply. Hold for 5 minutes. The redness relief eye drops will constrict your blood vessels and temporarily remove the redness from your pimples.

Step 4:
Use a green tinted concealer. The green will counteract the redness and effectively remove it.

Step 5:
Use tooth paste on your pimple overnight, to cut the redness in half the following morning. Tips and Warnings:
The best way to reduce pimples and swelling is through prevention. Its important to have a face cleansing routine, where you wash your face 2-3 times a day. I recommend Neutrogena Oil Free Cleanser, which is one of the most effective cleansers around. This will help remove pimples and remove potential redness from your pimples.