You could have bought the most expensive shoes in the entire world; however, they will look like the cheapest pair of casual dress shoes on the market if they are all scuffed up. Unfortunately, shoes are pieces of clothing that are nearly expected to get ruined; after all, your entire body weight is being applied to them, and they are touching a bunch of rough ground surfaces every single time that you take a step forward. With all of these factors in line, it is sort of understandable that casual dress shoes will become scuffed up after wearing them for as little as a few times. Although there are a ton of benefits to wearing black dress shoes, one of the flaws is that scuff marks are the most noticeable on black shoes!

This piece of writing is designed to provide you with the steps that are involved in the most effective removal of scuff marks from your shoes. You will have to buy a few products; however, the combined price of all of these shoe polishing products is much less than $15! This means that there will not be any excuse for you dress shoes being scuffed up!

Step 1-Clean The Surface Area

This is the most important step in the process of removing scuff marks from your casual dress shoes; however, it is also the most overlooked step! Would you ever try to apply paint to a surface that has not been sanded? Probably not, because you know that the paint would not stick to the surface.

Then why would you apply shoe polish to a surface that is filled with dirt, and particles from the environment?

The easiest way to clean the surface area of your dress shoes is to simply take a damp cloth (damp from lukewarm water), and gently rub the scuffed areas with that cloth. You should be applying enough pressure to remove the dirt, but not enough pressure to make the scuff marks worse than they already are.

Step 2-Apply A Small Amount Of Shoe Polish To The Scuffed Area

There are a ton of shoe polishes that are available online; however, I would definitely recommend the Kiwi product that is shown on the right by a long shot. Kiwi has been around in the shoe polishing industry for quite some while, and places a great amount of emphasis on the quality and low prices of their shoe polishes.

The next step involved in learning how to remove scuff marks from your casual dress shoes is to simply apply a small amount of the shoe polish to the scuffed areas. By a small amount I mean that you should be using 1 square inch of shoe polish for every 5 square inches of scuffed areas.

You can pretty much use anything to apply the shoe polish during this step of removing scuff marks from your casual dress shoes; however, I would highly recommend using a dry sponge or cloth to ensure that the polish gets onto the shoes and your hands stay clean!

Step 3-Use The Horsehair Brush To Spread The Polish Among The Scuffed Area

This is definitely the step that all people remember, but do not do properly! Once again, there are literally hundreds of horsehair brushes that you can use to spread the polish among the scuffed areas; however, I would recommend the one that is shown to the right (or one that has similar features). It has a large enough handle to really manoeuvre the brush in whichever direction that you would like, and the bristles are thin enough to spread the polish effectively.

This is a crucial step in learning how to remove scuff marks from your casual pair of dress shoes; moreover, it will take some practice in order to get it right. Your goal here should be to apply a VERY THIN layer of polish to the entire scuffed area.

Step 4-Repeat The Process Until Your Dress Shoes Shine!

As was stated in the last paragraph, you should be applying very thin layers of polish to the surface of the casual dress shoes; this will create a very shiny effect as opposed to the blotchy effect that is created when people use too much shoe polish. The idea throughout this step in the process of removing scuff marks from casual dress shoes is to continually apply thin layers of shoe polish until you have achieved the shining effect that you desire.

There are a ton of things to consider when buying casual dress shoes; their proneness to receiving scuff marks should not be a large concern of yours if you know how to permanently remove those scuff marks. Use the tips in this article, and you will nearly never see those dress shoe scuff marks again!