Don't you just hate it when you get a brand new computer or piece of software for Christmas? It's just terrible isn't it? You have to read all of those manuals and learn all of that stuff. It gets especially tough when the company that made your new piece of software updates the format or template because you are basically thrown into an unknown land where you have to learn a whole new language. It becomes even bigger of a problem when you have to use that piece of software on a daily basis for school or work. This all pertains to Word 2007. If you have owned a computer or have been involved with technology over the past decade or so, then you can probably relate to where I am coming from. Don't you just miss the old days of window 97? Why did they have to make everything so difficult for us? Its especially difficult for use tech idiots. I am not one of those tech savvy code monkeys that can hack and slash his way through any html or css. I know that when it comes to Word 2007, it's not that complicated to you, but for me it actually is. I have been using Microsoft two thousand and three for about five years now; I know I am behind the times. So every day when I go to work I use two thousand seven, then have to come back home – its down right confusing I tell you. Even something as simple as formatting a paper to double spacing can become a problem with 2007, it seem that it just doesn't click for people like me. Oh well. Anyways, I was having some trouble with removing shading form a document in word two thousand seven the other day. I finally figured it out and had such a time that I thought I could help some others out whom are having the same troubles. As it turns out, its pretty simple. Check the steps out below for an easy fix for removing shading and borders from Microsoft word's complicated two thousand and seven interface. Enjoy

Things You Will Need

A Computer

Microsoft Word 2007

Step 1

Select the specific paragraph that includes the shading or border that you want to remove.

Step 2

To change the shading, simply select the drop down menu from the "Shading" button and select your preferred option.

Step 3

In order to change the border, simply do the same as above except this time we will click the drop down menu for "Borders" and then click the desired preference.

Pretty simple to do folks. As with many other situations in life, all that there is to it is to do it. Jump right in there and learn the formatting and get a feel for 2007. After that, it will all come easy to you.

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