Working at a job where you sweat is... well, hard work. After a long day, you are not the only one that shows the results of an honest day's sweating, but so do your shirts. Many people notice the tell-tale brown discoloration on the underarms of their shirts, wash them or even bleach the shirts, but the stains remain. Sweat stains are not the easiest stain to get rid of with ordinary laundry detergent. Although, most people refer to the stains as sweat stains, teh stains are caused by a chemical reaction between your perspiration and your deodorant. If you work at a job where you sweat a lot or even one where you don't sweat much, don't forgo the deodorant for the sake of your shirts. Your co-workers won't be happy. Wearing a white shirt with a big, noticeable underarm stain is not an option for many. Removing the underarm stains and returning the shirt to a respectable condition makes the shirt wearable again. Clean the stains so you will not be embarrassed to wear your shirts.

 You will need:


Zippered bag

Cutting board


Rolling pin

1 cup hot water

White towel or clean rag

 Place 10 to 12 plain, non-coated aspirin tablets in a small, zippered bag. Put the bag on a hard surface such as a cutting board.

Place the back of a spoon over each aspirin tablet and crush them into a powder.

Roll a rolling pin back and forth over the aspirin until it turns into a fine powdery dust.

Measure 1 cup of hot water -- it does not have to be boiling -- just as hot as possible from the tap.

Pour the crushed aspirin into the water and let it dissolve. Stir the water and aspirin mixture gently to hasten the process.

Lay a clean white towel or rag over your work surface. Place the sweat-stained armpit or collar on top of the rag and pour the mixture over the stain until the shirt's underarm or collar is completely saturated. Repeat for the opposite armpit stain.

Allow the aspirin and water mixture to stand on the sweat stain for 45 minutes to one hour.

Place the white shirt in the washing machine with the rest of your dirty whites, add laundry detergent and the optional fabric softener. Wash in a warm or hot cycle.

When you remove the white shirt from the washing machine the underarm or shirt collar sweat stain will be gone.

 Work hard without being afraid of permanently ruining your shirts.

Wash white clothing separately from other colors for best results.

Use the hottest water that is safe for the fabric when washing.

If the stain have been set into the shirt from the heat of the dryer or an iron, it is possible they will not come out of the fabric completely. Dryer heat or the heat from a clothes iron can permanently set the stain into the fibers of the fabric.

Sometimes, multiple treatments are required to remove the underarm stains.

Treat the white shirt armpits as soon as possible after you notice the stains for best results.

Wear your white, clothes, sweat and don't be embarrassed any longer.

If your shirts are dry clean only, take them to the cleaners for stain removal. Do not wet clean them because you may damage the fabric.