How To Repair A Dripping Delta Faucet (38975)

How To Repair A Dripping Delta Faucet, is an article that will walk you through the process of changing the parts that need to be changed in order to eliminate that pesky drip. Service calls of this type can be not only a nusuance but quite expensive. The average plumber now charges between 70 and 150 dollars per hour and a significant savings can be had if you tackle this repair yourself.

First Things First

Shut Off Water

Before we can begin any faucet repair the water to the unit must be turned off. This is usually done right under the sink with two shutoff valves, one for cold and one for hot. If there are no valves under your sink then you may have to shut off the entire house main to perform your repair. If the whole house is shut down then the upstairs faucets will have to be opened after the water is shut off to relieve the vacuum and empty the lines.

Getting What You Need To Repair A Delta Faucet

Delta Repair Kit


Replacement parts for all Delta faucets are available at any plumbing supply house and most home improvement stores. You also can find the items you need like cups and springs from and other online suppliers and have them shipped to you directly. Make sure you have all the replacement parts in hand before you start the job.

Tools Required To Repair A Leaky Delta Faucet

ScrewdriversChannel Lock pliers

Tools required to perform this repair are minimal and most homeowners will have them on hand. First you will need a phillips head screwdriver or an allen wrench of the proper size to remove the handles. Other then that a nice pair of plumber's pliers or a properly sized cresent or open end wrench to remove the retaining nuts under the handles will be required.

Dissasembling your Delta Faucet


Once we have the water shut off and the faucet is open to be sure, the handles must be removed before we can take the stems out. This is accomplished by removing the screw that goes down through the center of the handle or by unscrewing the setscrew in the side with an allen wrench. This will depend on what type of faucet handles you have. Once the handles have been removed and set aside, the nuts will be revieled that hold the stems in the faucet.

Remove the retainer nuts with the pliers or wrench and remember righty tighty lefty loosey so counterclockwise to remove and clockwise when we reinstall. After the nuts have been removed the stems can be pulled straight out of the faucet body. This will leave a cavity where they came out and the next step will take place within this cavity.

Replacing The Cups And Springs On Your Delta Faucet

Delta cups and springs

If you look into the cavity on the faucet you will see a metal spring and a rubber cup down inside. Using an implement like a small screwdriver or pencil, remove the spring and cup from each side. take note of how they come out and install the new replacement cups and springs in the same manner.

A good tip to help with this process is to slide the parts in the right order onto the shaft of the screwdriver and slide them all the way up to the handle. Then put the end of the screwdriver down into the target hole in the body of the delta faucet. Now just slide the parts down the shaft and they will be fed right into the hole.

Remove the screwdriver and then the stem can be carefully reinserted into the faucet. Once the stems have been reinstalled in the body you can reinstall the two retainer nuts that hold them in. Tighten the nuts and then reinstall the handles. You have now completed the job.

Close the faucet handles and turn the water back on check the job for leaks and then you can go out and rant and rave to all your friends that you now know How To Repair A Dripping Delta Faucet.

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