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It’s never fun to get a flat tire on your car or truck, but if you do then here is how to repair a flat tire:

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When Can A Flat Tire Not Be Repaired ?

First, if you are driving along and you end up getting the type of flat tire that is totally shredded and virtually destroys your tire, then there is no way you are going to be able to fix it. It would be dangerous to try to fix it . Another type of flat tire that would be dangerous to repair is one with only a tiny bit of tread left, which means you shouldn’t fix one that has only 1/16th of an inch or less of tread. In these circumstances, it is best to always buy a new tire for your car. If you do not have the funds to buy a brand new tire, there are many places which offer used cars at very low prices.

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How To Repair A Flat Tire

If your tire is flat due to a nail or other item puncturing it, then it may be possible to repair a flat tire. You must take the tire off the car first so you can see how badly it is damaged. You will need a lug wrench and car jack to do this.

To get started, you have to set the emergency brake and then put a block or a wedge under all of your car’s tires so the car won’t roll while you are taking off the bad tire. Then, carefully use the jack to lift the car up so you can remove the tire by loosening the lug nuts with the lug wrench or tire iron. Be sure not to lose the nuts.

Then, pull the tire off the vehicle and look to find the hole or offending nail or other item that is stuck in the hole. Make a mark with a pen or something else to show where the hole is located. Be sure you have located any and all damage to the tire. One way to do this is to pour some soapy water over the tire and see if you find any bubbles escaping that indicate another small hole.

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Options For Repairing A Flat Tire

One way to repair a flat tire is by patching it, which is usually pretty inexpensive and can be done at a tire or car repair place. This works quite well as long as the tire is still good otherwise and they will put an internal patch over all of the holes. It is much cheaper than a new tire and should last for while under good circumstances.

You can also have a flat tire plugged. You can do this yourself with a tire plug kit you can buy at auto repair stores and some department stores. This is a simple way for you to do it right on the highway, but for permanent repair it should be patched. To use a plug kit to repair a flat tire you merely remove nail or other item from the hole, use the tool included with the plug kit to clean the hole, put cement on the plug (included in the kits) and use the included tool to insert the plug into the tire hole. Make sure the plug is even with the tire tread and cut it to fit if necessary.  You now have a temporary fix that should get you to an actual gas station or tire repair place.

If you are unsure at any point what to do with your flat tire then you should drive to your nearest garage by changing the flat tire with the spare wheel at the back of the car. It can be dangerous to drive the car on a flat tire because it can damage the wheel of the car. If you are unsure how to change the flat tire then you must call a car breakdown recovery service or a mobile mechanic to help you out.