Gravel is a relatively low maintenance surface. However gravel paths and driveways do need to be maintained. Some of the major advantages of gravel include the fact that when you walk on it makes a reasonable amount of noise. This can be a deterrent to possible intruders. Many homeowners also like to use it on their driveway as well. The gravel soaks up any potential oil spills. Gravel does have its disadvantages as well though. Weeds can grow up through it relatively easily so it requires maintenance. Also it can be blown about. Learn how to repair gravel driveways with this simple guide. 

The main key to maintaining a good gravel path is to make sure that the path is raked on a regular basis. Also key is the application of weedkiller. By employing these two steps you will go a long way to creating a long lasting path that looks great. Another method of making a better looking, longer lasting path is to use silicon resins which bind the stones together. This can be accomplished without altering the overall look of the path. If you find that some of the gravel as been pushed around through use. You can repair these patches by simply pouring in fresh gravel and using a rake spread it out evenly again.

To make sure that you maintain an even path with nice, neat edges install concrete edging strips. You will want to set these on a bed of mortar and hold them upright whilst the mortar sets. If you do not favour concrete edging strips you can also use bricks or wood. If you need to put down a new gravel path first you will need to dig out the area where the path is going to go. Next add in some compacted hardcore. Then follow this up with sand and a bit of coarse gravel. Finally add on a layer of fine gravel and level it out. Gravel path house renovations are not above the skill level of any home owner.

One of the great features about gravel is the fact that they are relatively low maintenance. You do not have to worry about the problem of hard to remove oil drips which mean they are a great addition under the portion of the drive where cars are parked. The are relatively easy to fix as well. As noted above if the gravel has been disturbed simply add more gravel and spread out.