How To Repair Leather Furniture

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If you're an owner of new leather furniture, you no doubt have experienced what I experience: leather furniture paranoia. You are so proud of your beautiful, comfy leather bound chair, but at the same time you're terribly worried about damaging it in some way. For those in the same boat, I need to tell you something: damage is inevitable! Learning how to repair leather furniture is a good way to mitigate the risk. Leather upholstry repair isn't as difficult as you might think.

This article is intended to teach you a bit about how to repair leather furniture, and give tips on how to solve specific problems. I will look at leather scratches, tears and discoloration, as well as completely recovering leather furniture. 

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How To Repair Leather Furniture: Scratches and Discoloration

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If you're learning how to repair leather furniture, remember that even little scratches, scuffs and dye issues can be remedied easily with a bit of work. Does your couch require minor leather upholstry repair, but you can't be bothered to pay the big bucks to get it fixed by a professional? Consider purchasing a leather upholstry repair kit in the proper color to work on your piece. 

Let's start with learning how to repair leather furniture nicks and scratches. First try cleaning it - you can learn how to clean a leather couch here. You can use a similarly colored shoe polish to hide small scratches made by clothing or cats. Just clean the area well and apply a small amount of the polish. This is a fix that will need to be reapplied at a later date, and make sure all the polish is rubbed in well, to avoid staining anyone's pants.

You can also try baby oil or saddle oil on the scratches. Spot test first to make sure it won't darken the leather too much, and then rub it into the spot in a smooth, circular motion. The scratches may disappear right there! 

If you have discoloration, consider getting a leather repair dye kit from a professional who does leather upholstry repair. They may give you additional tips on how to repair leather furniture, and the kit will be cheaper than professional work. Shoe polish can work on discolored spots in a pinch. 

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How To Repair Leather Furniture: Tears and Holes

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Learning how to repair a hole in leather furniture isn't too difficult either, as long as the hole or tear isn't too extensive or large. You'll definitely need a leather repair kit and upholstry glue to make this work, so invest in one of those. Make sure the leather patches included in this kit will sufficiently cover the hole or tear in question. If it's too large, you might be out of luck.

Make sure to color match the patch well, or it might stand out a bit too much. Create a tracing of the hole and try to make it as exact in dimensions as you can; minimize the amount of patching material you'll need, and the patch will be a lot less noticeable. 

Using your tracing, cut out a piece of patch in the proper shape, and use the glue to glue it onto the hole or tear. Let the patch dry properly before returning the piece of furniture to common use, and maybe use that dye kit purchased from a leather upholstry repair company earlier to match the coloration properly if it's slightly off. Learning how to repair leather furniture is just that easy!

How To Repair Leather Furniture: Recovering

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Rather than learn the process of patching a hole, learn how to repair leather furniture by recovering the object in question! If your furniture has only a small area of covered leather, such as a dining room chair, you may be able to take it apart and recover with a brand new piece of leather. 

Let's imagine we're repairing a leather dinner chair. Remove the seat cushion part, and completely remove the old upholstry, but leave any padding or foam attached to the base. Use the old leather upholstry as a guide to your repair. Find a bit of leather that will match the shape, and cut it if necessary to make it match the other piece. Then you just need to use a heavy duty staple gun or upholstry tacks to affix the piece to the chair bottom, and reattach! 

It's really very simple, and it's also a great way to update fabric covered chairs and etcetera with a vintage leather look. 

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