Homeowners install Patio-Doors to provide an attractive entrance or exit onto patios or decks.
Patio-Doors are available in many varieties and styles. Whether you have wooden or vinyl Patio-Doors, changing the weather-stripping on the bottom is basically the same. It is important to have good intact weather-stripping on the rears of your doors to block drafts, insects and other little critters from making their way into your house. weather-stripping wears down over the course of time from the constant opening and closing of the door. As you open and close your Patio-Doors, the weather-stripping brushes or sweeps the floor and begins to deteriorate from the constant friction.

New weather-stripping is available at home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowe's and at local hardware stores.

Removing the Old Weather Strip

Remove the door. You will need two people for this. if you've hinged Patio-Doors such as French Patio-Doors you will need to remove the pin holding the door to the hinge. If you have sliding glass Patio-Doors, remove the door from the roller track.

Lay the door on a flat and stable surface such as the floor or lay them across two saw horses.

Look at the weather-stripping on the rear of the Patio-Doors to see if it slides into position or if it is the type that is pushed into position.

Use long nosed pliers and pry the old weather-stripping out of the groove for the push in type of weather strip. If it is the slide in type of weather-stripping, grip the weather strip with long nose pliers and slide it out of the groove.

Buying New weather-stripping

Bring a piece of the Patio-Door weather-stripping with you to a hardware store or home improvement store to match the size. If you have rubber weather-stripping and the store only has foam weather-stripping, it is fine to get either as long as the size is correct and will fit into the bottom of your Patio-Doors.

Installing New weather-stripping


Push or slide the weather-stripping in place.

With help, hang the door back on its' hinges or back into the roller track.

A Little More Weather Strip Information

weather-stripping on the bottom of your Patio-Doors should replaced every year, not just when it seems worn. This is especially true if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow. The salt used to melt the ice will eat away at your Patio-Doors weather-stripping.

Removing and replacing the weather strip is an easy fix, but be sure you have a helper because the doors can be heavy or tricky to remove. Sliding glass Patio-Doors are much more difficult to remove than hinged Patio-Doors.

Regardless if you have wood or vinyl Patio-Doors, this should be done as a part of regular yearly maintenance.