Have you ever been out in public and noticed something that you deemed was newsworthy.
And you hoped that someone would write about it in the local newspaper, or maybe even show it on the National TV. But you didn't know how to report news, and you didn't know exactly how to go about making sure that journalists or other necessary people were aware of the situation? Most likely this has happened more often than not to you or to someone you know.
The news you were wanting to report could be something small in nature or could be something that affects a great number of people but if you don't know how to report news in order to get the news out, what good does it do to anyone that you alone are knowing about it?

There are several methods you can employ to report breaking news to the proper channels and they will be glad to hear the news you report. And they will appreciate the fact that you took out the time to report the news to them. Here are a few of the most popular way of how to report news to the necessary people.
One way you can report news to someone who will take care of the situation and contact the necessary people is to simply call your local police station. Now, if the news you are reporting isn't an emergency and no one is in immediate danger, then it may be best to call the "non emergency" number so as not to waste precious resources that otherwise could go to someone who were in need right at the moment. Another method is to contact your local newspaper about a news story. You can contact an editor of the specific topic of your interesting news, and they may either redirect you to a certain reporter or actually have the reporter contact you in order to follow up on your news.

If you would like to take a more direct approach, you could always right an Op-Ed or opinion editorial article on the news that you are reporting about and send it to the newspaper. If they feel as if it is news worthy, they may publish your article in their Opinions Section. If you don't have that much of a time frame so you can report it in writing, and the news is urgent information, then you can always call your local news station and inform them that you have some interesting news to report. They will take down the information and have a reporter dispatched to investigate it almost immediately. If you are tech savvy, you could take it to the Internet and report the news online via video or in a written form. You can utilize social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube to get out the news that you are reporting quickly and effectively.

All in all, there are multiple methods of news reporting, and as long as you know how to report news properly, then you should have no issue with getting your voice heard and your news reported. So think about how to report news - so that you are prepared next time you notice something of general interest. Inform the World, do not keep important information for yourself!