Perhaps you receive a call from a telemarketer when you are busy with other things. How do you deal with them? There is a particular trick that is very effective in getting rid of the current caller and all of the subsequent calls from his associates. Sure, you can sign up for the do not call registry. You can tell them to never call again. You can ignore the call. Rest assured, the caller, or the company will call back. If you tell them to never call them again, they may still call back. If you tell them that you will report them to the authorities, they will call back. Think about it. They are located in India, China or some other third world location. You are talking to someone who makes $1 a day and may hardly speak English. Are they going to stop calling? Not a chance.
Luckily, you have an ally with the very technology that they use to call you. The automatic dialing systems are computer based. They call a huge number of telephone numbers each day. When they do, they may sometimes reach your home. Perhaps you have experienced a particular behavior of these automatic dialers. Some of them call numbers in sequence. If they reach an answering machine or no one picks up the call, the machine skips the telephone number and carries on to the next. You can identify these systems when you pick up your phone. When you do, there is no one on the line for a brief moment. Suddenly, you hear a slight click and someone starts talking to you. "Hello, this is Amruka calling from Serenity Mobility. "Can I discuss an upgrade to your existing mobile plan?" You have been called by an automatic dialer and switched to a company salesperson as soon as you say a word. Why is this? How do they know that they reached a real person? Why didn't they hang up like they do when an answering machine picks up the call? The truth is that they have ways to analyze your voice. Human speech is generally restricted to narrow acoustic ranges of frequencies. This is especially true for telephone conversations. At first, a machine is analyzing the call and it knows this. An answering machine responds with sound frequencies that are typical of these devices. An unanswered call has no frequencies as a response. A real human, a possible paying customer, has a known frequency range when they say "Hello" into the phone. The phone system detects a Live One. Suddenly, the system quickly switches the Live One to a company operative that attempts to deliver the pitch. "Can I discuss an upgrade to your existing mobile plan?" Where have you heard this before?
The technology that is used to call you has some particular vulnerabilities. It is a system that responds to the people is calls and to the developers who created it. You already know about the response when it reaches a Live One, you. You get the sales pitch. But what about the developers? You can pretend to be one and stop that call from reaching you. More importantly, you may signal the calling company that your phone number is a special number that should never be called again. This is very important. In fact, the system may spread your number to other connected systems and flag your phone number as one that is not to be called by any automatic dialers in any related business. This is huge.
You have to pay attention to understand this trick and to make it work. It helps if you have caller ID. When the automatic dialer reaches you, there is a lag in the system that can't be hidden. You pick up the call. The automatic dialer doesn't know yet if it is a person or a machine that has answered. It waits to determine what the circumstances are. An answering machine responds right away with a defined sound response, the pickup whistle. A human does not. A human says "Hello". The machine dialing knows the difference. Right away, it knows that it has a Live One and it quickly engages a company sales professional. "Can I discuss an upgrade to your existing mobile plan?", you hear. A telemarketer. You deal with the company, hang up, buy, yell at them, whatever. Even a negative response will identify to the customer that a Live One lives at that phone number. You need to stop them. Listen for the lag when no one is on the line and you hear the click that means that you are about to be switched to a company agent.
How to stop these automatic callers is valuable information. It is secret information. Lots of companies charge big money to thousands of people for the knowledge that you are about to receive. You get it for free. Free. Why? Because the automatic dialers should be stopped. They prey on people that have little resistance. Tell all of your associates. When you get one of these telemarketers, beat them at their own game.
The lag that always occurs when you are about to be switched to a company agent is your signal. Use your phone's keypad. Enter the following sequence "*2346446*". This is the ADMIN code. It signifies to the telephone dialing system that it has reached an administrator of the system. Many of the phone systems expect a password after they receive the ADMIN code. Give it any string of telephone digits, say "33921" followed by the pound and star buttons, "*#". This will totally confuse the telephone dialling system. It will know that the access password is wrong. It will wait for more attempts. You could try some goofy passwords such as "1234", "111111", etc., to see if you can access their control menu. The system will not switch you over to one of the company agents. In fact, with many systems, your telephone number will then be flagged as an administrator. If you are really lucky, you phone number will be flagged as an administrator in several systems as these do share information quite frequently. By just pressing some phone buttons, you won't have to speak to a company agent, at least on this call.