For anyone with the popular Palm Pre device, learning how to restart or reboot the Palm Pre is worth knowing. Despite being a very popular phone that is a genuine iPhone contender, it's not perfect and still does freeze up occassionally. It's in these situations that knowing how to reset the Palm Pre can be a life saver.

Things You Will Need

-Palm Pre (preferably one that you want to restart)

Step 1

Palm Pre The first step in resetting your Palm Pre is a fairly obvious one but we'll cover it anyways. Make sure that the device is switched on. You'll also need to slide out the keyboard as this can not be done using the touch screen features (especially if the Pre is frozen or acting slow).

Step 2

Now, press these three keys at the exact same time. Press and hold the "Orange", "Sym" and "R" keys and you should see the Palm Pre restart. If it does not, try again as you probably did not press them simultaneously.
There you go! The Palm Pre will reboot and hopefully any issues you had are resolved.

Tips & Warnings

-It's worthwhile to occasionally restart the Palm Pre, especially after installing new apps. This will help keep the phone running fast.