Excalators are for lazy people. Right? Only people who don't want to walk the stairs use the escalator. Or not?

I believe this isn't true. Escalators aren't invented to stand on, wait for a higher destination. I believe escalators are here for more speed.

Why is the purpose of an escalator not to bring you upstairs. Well, first of all, why would they take up so much space if they would be? I mean, they are just as space-consuming as stairs. An elevator is better, because it only takes the space of the elevator itself. The energy used for an elevator can't be that much more than a escalator as well. So, if you want to go upstairs, the elevator is a way better way to transport yourself than an escalator.

There are other advantages for an escalator over a normal staircase as well, for instance it can transport a big amount of people at the same time, they never have a waiting line and they can be used outside as well.

But for me, the biggest advantage and probably the reason why they excist is the speed. When you walk on an elevator, you walk around twice as fast as normal. And this is awesome.

Remember being a kid and running up the down-going escalators? That is how fast those things go. Really fast. They enable people to get upstairs really quick. I am a fairly large guy and I like to take two stairs at the time. Being on an escalator feels like flying for me. When I take two stairs at the time on an escalator I am upstairs really, really quick.

Only one problem. People who are standing on the escalator instead of walking. Standing next to each other, chatting and laughing. When I am walking upon them (two stairs at the time) at a deadly speed I am always amazed. When I stop, standing behind them I am really bothered by the slowness of the escalator.

There is a simple solution, which is already used anywhere else where people are moving. Stay on the right side of the road. If you decide to be slow (or just to chill out) please go to the right side of the escalator, so the speedy gonzales' among us can sprint by you at the left side!

I once saw an escalator where there were actual footprints on the stairs. On the left side there were green ones and on the right red ones. There was a sign as well: 'If you decide not to walk, please stay at the right'.

Simply genius. Such an easy solution for such an easy problem. If you ever decide to get on an escalator again, please think. Think before you act to increase the flow!