Brick patio-pavers tend to lose their bright, sharp color over the course of time, use and because of weather conditions. Brick patio-pavers are manufactured in one of two ways in regards to colorization. The first type of brick patio-pavers have color which permeates throughout the entire brick paver. The color is added into the concrete while it is being mixed and before its are poured and molded. The second type of brick patio-pavers have only surface color which penetrates the brick approximately 1/8-inch from the surface. Brick patio-pavers with surface only color are less expensive, but they will not hold up in the long run. The color will literally wear off of this type of paver leaving behind the gray color of the concrete. The only way to restore color to the surface only brick pavers is by applying paint or stain intended for manufactured stone pavers. patio-pavers with color throughout can be restored fairly easily and inexpensively, they may be a little more expensive at first, but they are well worth the cost because they do stand up to time, weather conditions and traffic.

Sweep off all dirt, dust and debris from its. Use a shop vac to get into the crevices.

Mix approximately 2 to 3 tablespoons of a mild dish detergent into a bucket of warm water.

Dip a broom into the soapy water and scrub down the surface of its.

Rinse the patio thoroughly with plain water.

Allow its to dry completely.

Look for any type of stains on the patio such as grease or oil stains, mold or mildew stains, paint stains, food stains, soot stains or any other stains. Clean and remove the stains before continuing.

Apply a coat of boiled linseed-oil to the brick pavers. Use a clean broom or long handled paint roller for a rough texture. The coat of boiled linseed-oil should be very thin. The oil may slightly darken pavers. Boiled linseed-oil is available in hardware stores and home improvement stores.

Allow its to stand for at least 24 hours before allowing pets or people to walk on it.







This colour restoring technique is intended for coloured pavers where the colour permeates throughout it including interlocking concrete pavers or brick pavers.

This method of restoring color should not be used on brick pavers that have a surface only color or on certain types of natural stone pavers such as limestone pavers because they are too porous and the color will darken.

Always test a small inconspicuous area for changes in color before applying the boiled linseed-oil to the entire surface of it patio.