In times such as these, we are all learning to live with less. You may find that during the Holidays that you are stocked with many gifts you do not want or simply do not need. In this article, I have outlined a few key concepts to keep in mind when returning those gifts back to the department store.

Want not, waste not. If you do not need the item, just return it. I suggest that you inventory all of your gifts and put away all the presents that you have decided to keep. The remaining items should be checked again for usefulness against things you have around the home. You may find that your older shaver or knife set could be replaced - now would be the time to swap them out. If so, create another pile of items that you have replaced and make sure to make a trip to your local thrift store and make a donation - do not forget to get a receipt.

Plan your activities. Divide each pile by department store. Be sure to research store hours and return policies before making your actual visit. Keep in mind that the location of each department could be a significant drive. You can also take into account the distance between each store so you can decide which stores to visit first or last. I recommend planning to return high-ticket items first so that you don't leave these items sitting in your car while you are in the store - you never know who is looking in your backseat for something to steal.

Return Day. Set aside a day or two out of your week to return the gifts. If you simply cannot avoid going to the department store on a busy day, you should at least try not to go at the end of the day. Keep in mind that there are others such as yourself reading similar articles and you want to give yourself enough time to stand in line, if necessary.

In some cases, you may not have the ability to return certain presents. You may find that you do not know where the gift may have came from with a combination of not wanting to ask who gave it to you as it will be a sure sign to them that you plan on returning it. Or, you may not have a receipt and that particular department store has a policy of giving you back only store credit but you do not shop at that store in the first place. Either way, if you still have no use for the gifts in question, you can hold on to it for a time in the future when you will regift it to someone else or you can go with my recommendation of donating the items to Goodwill or the Salvation Army for a tax write-off. May the line you stand in be speedy and your experience pleasant!