One of the most important things that anyone with a family history of diabetes should learn is how to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally with your diet and by making small changes to your lifestyle.  Diabetes is not a genetic condition but there is a strong correlation of familial predisposition to the condition.  Type 2 diabetes also shows signs that the environmental factors of living with other with diabetes can result in diabetes being passed on to younger generations simply through habits passed from parents to children.

With the exception of type 1 diabetes which has historically been the more common condition type 2 diabetes is mainly the result of one’s lifestyle.  Type 2 diabetes used to be a fairly rare disease and these days it is considered a disease of modernity.  This is simply to say that modern American lifestyles seem to make type 2 diabetes more commonplace and less rare.  This indicates the obvious conclusion that maybe we are doing it to ourselves and if we are doing it to ourselves maybe we can change.

Can You Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

There are a number of good guidebooks on reversing diabetes.  How To Reverse Diabetes Now is one of the more popular online ebooks on the topic and it is a bestseller in the arena.  There are some others out there just as there are a number of traditionally published books on the topic.  The fact of the matter is that some forms of type 2 diabetes can be reversed.  You can’t wait until your body has gone over the edge however. 

If you have lived with diabetes for many years and have practiced poor blood sugar control over the years then chances are good that your condition has damaged your body to a point beyond repair.  Just look at those people wearing diabetic shoes because of peripheral neuropathy.  Many of them have extensive damage inflicted on their arteries and nerves which is too much for the body to repair. Those who take action early on however can see reversals in their condition if they take the right steps and work hard enough at it.

How Do You Reverse Diabetes?

Diabetes type-2 is often thought to be a condition which you either have or you don’t.  In fact the doctor who diagnoses you with diabetes doesn’t say you have the condition until he or she sees a high enough level of insulin in the blood stream after fasting.  The number however is slightly arbitrary.  Most people without diabetes have normal fasting blood sugar levels in the 80-100 zone.  Doctors don’t start calling you diabetic however until your fasting count reaches 120 or above.  The problem however is that anything between 100 and 120 is considered pre-diabetes or insulin resistance which is exactly what diabetes is only to a more severe degree.

In actuality type 2 diabetes is more like a sliding scale of severity.  You are a healthy person and then as your fasting blood sugar levels begin increasing your have a progressively worse case of diabetes.  The early stages or insulin resistance stages are not that severe and as your blood sugar levels progress out of control your level of diabetes gets worse. 

Eventually, over a long course of time, chronically high levels of blood sugar and insulin circulating through the arteries and veins of your body due to insulin resistance and/or diabetes slowly causes damage to the body which can be irreversible and self-driving.  Staying in a safe range for blood sugar is the best way to avoid this.

If however you are able to make changes to your lifestyle and to your diet which results in your body becoming more sensitive to insulin and less likely to experience high levels of blood sugar you can slowly return to a normal state.  This will in effect allow your body to heal and your diabetes to dissipate and go away.  This is not to say it is easy but it is possible for early stage diabetics or those who are only diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

How To Stop Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Let’s assume that you are addressing your problem of diabetes early in its progression.  It may be measured as pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, or borderline diabetes.  No matter what it is called if you are relatively healthy otherwise and you only recently have been diagnosed with the condition you need to make some abrupt changes in your life.  Most importantly you need to add more physical activity into your daily lifestyle and you need to change your eating habits for the better.

Researchers have time and time again shown that the absolute best way to naturally improve insulin resistance, increase insulin sensitivity, and control blood sugar as a result is to start exercising more.  Even if you change your diet significantly you will see more benefit in exercising or simply staying active throughout your day than you would if you only changed your diet.  This is not to say that diet is not important because it is.  It is to emphasize the importance of exercise because that is so hard for many people to add into their daily routines.

If you can start exercising regularly then you are ahead of the game.  The next most important step is to slowly phase out of your diet foods which are high on the glycemic index such as refined carbohydrates and instead increase the amount of foods which are low on the index like green vegetables and fiber.  There are many spices and herbs which have a significant positive effect on insulin sensitivity such as cinnamon and citrus peel extract.  Alpha-lipolic-acid (ALA) is another supplement that can be found in your diet or in supplement form which can improve your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar better and many vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts also show a lot of benefit.

The aforementioned guide goes into much more detail on how to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally.  You can reasonably assume that your chances for worsening diabetes is low if you start eating less junk food, start eating more foods which are packed with nutrition, and if you start exercising regularly but there are other tricks that can help as well such as optimizing your sleep patters and simply learning to have a better attitude about life.  This isn’t applicable to everyone but studies show that those who expect the worst in life get it more often than those who expect the best out of life.  Make the conscious decision for yourself and take action today to reverse your diabetes before it’s too late.