Credit: Adriane Dizon of Ev0luti0nary (cc)

Without enthusiasm we're a lost bunch, wandering aimlessly and easily directed by whatever media campaign promises us increased stimulation or some other inorganically-impacted “pleasure”. We've tragically lost touch with the child within us, en masse, but as pitiable a state as it is, it's not irreversible. You can find your inner child with a bit of maneuvering. Some of the silliest, most ridiculously enjoyable methods for reviving a dormant inner child rest in play – and to this end, the zanier the “play”, the better.


Schedule a Worry-Free Day.

Set all excuses aside. If you don't heal yourself with some theta-level vibrations, you will probably continue to drive yourself into the ground. If you must, look at this as an “investment” in future productivity. Happy people are the most creative, working the fastest and the most willingly. There's also an eye for detail that comes of love for what one is doing that will surpass the crabby critical lens of any unhappy QA team.


Create Menu Items That Would Make Willy Wonka Proud

When setting out to find your inner child:

Be “insensible”.

Make Pizza Sandwiches:

Arm yourself with two to three bags of Daiya cheese (preferably 2 bags of Mozz and one of cheddar), one to two cans of plain tomato sauce (or puree 5 to 6 tomatoes and add seasalt and seasonings to taste), a few teaspoons of garlic powder, and unrefined bread.

Sprinkle red sauce on your bread, a little bit of garlic powder (not garlic salt) over the red sauce, and a handful of Daiya mozz (or a mix of mozz and cheddar). Fold your bread over the cheese and red sauce and lightly fry on low-medium heat as you would a grilled cheese. If you have a pan that requires a bit of oil for temporary non-stick properties, have some coconut oil on hand or another preferred organic oil.


Take The Ubiquitous Smoothie To The Next Level:

The Green Smoothie is great fun, but flavor syrups and the innerchild get along very well. Gather vanilla syrup or vanilla oil and raspberry syrup (see below), or if you prefer another winning combo, go with that. Have a few cans of quality coconut milk on hand, or, if you prefer, rice milk or soy milk. Optional fruits like bananas, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, peach, cherries, and other joyous additions will put your smoothie over the top.

Blend two to three teaspoons of your chosen flavor syrups combined with 3 cups coconut milk. Add optional fruits and, if you want it ridiculously sweet, a bit of maple syrup or agave syrup to taste. If you're flavor syrups have naturally rich hues put a  teaspoon of each aside to drizzle over the top of your smoothie one it's transferred from blender to glass.

DIY vanilla oil: Soak a vanilla bean in up to 10 cups of your preferred cooking oil for at least two weeks to make your own.

DIY Raspberry Oil: Simmer a cup of raspberries in water to the extract juice. Remove the raspberries and simmer the newly-extracted juice on very low heat to cook the water out of it and make a raspberry syrup (mix with a bit of agave syrup for added sweetness).


Make Your Own Candy:

It's far easier than you think. To make hard candy, boil 2 cups organic sugar with one teaspoon lemon juice (necessary to prevent clumping) and just enough water to make it syrupy (not runny). Have a cup of ice water with a spoon in it within hand's reach.

Set your burner on medium-low. As the sugar solution becomes truly syrupy and sticky, check a bit on the tip of the spoon by pouring a drop in ice water. If it hardens into a candy ball, turn off the burner, and pour your candy into candy molds or on a lightly-oiled cookie sheet. Let cool and wrap in wax paper to preserve a bunch of them for later. You'll find your inner child brainstorming flavor combinations for the next batch.


Pull Out Your Coloring Books or Ancient Nintendo System (I know you kept it)

There's a method to the madness of temporarily giving in to oblivion. It's called: flow. When you're not withstanding the gravity of many-toothed, frowning deadlines, you're spirit is free to show you how amazingly innovative it is. Deadlines have their purpose in a society that's largely dependent on timing, but worshiping at their alter will only drain you and leave you in a perpetually anxious state.

Schedule mini-vacations for your spirit. Coloring, putting together a collage with favorite clips from magazines you have lying around the house, and even gaming, if it's something that relaxes you, are all methods you should turn to the minute you notice work tasks inviting the telltale smoke of ensuing burn-out. Find your inner child a place it can flourish in, and its magik with return the light to your eyes.