How to Rid The House of Pet Odor Non Toxic Zero Cost

Pets are wonderful companions that will bring joy to everyday life, they can also bring unwanted odor into a home. Countless products are available both in local retailers and online that claim to be non toxic and pet friendly, but often have very strong and overpowering fragrances. Trying out various products to find one that is pet friendly and non toxic with no chemical or overpowering scents can be a tough task, and costly. Manufactures of these products are required to provide a list of ingredients, but translating the chemical names and additives can be very tricky.

Many pet owners have tried using organic products that use enzymes to break down the bacteria that causes odor and have very positive results and reviews. Organic products are a great alternatives also with almost no chance of strong chemical or overpowering fragrant scents. Organic products can also be very costly so pet owners should shop around both online and locally to find the best deals, but again finding the right product will take a few tries.

One of the oldest solutions to this common problem of pet odor in the home is a simple vinegar and water solution. With 1 part vinegar to every 3 parts of water a quick, easy and very cheap alternative is usually already available under your kitchen sink or in the pantry. Once the solution is mixed it can be deployed in spray bottles or just dabbed on spots with a cloth.

Having a pet is a great way to enrich a persons life, but there are times where there will be messes and having a good way to deal with the odor is an essential part of being a pet owner. With new products constantly being introduced to tackle this pesky problem, and the rising cost of pet ownership, cheap and easy options are always welcomed information. All of these products will also be most effective when use in combination with regular carpet steam cleaning and keeping the pet active to avoided these messes that cause the odor in homes. Proper grooming of pets is also a key component of eliminating pet odor in homes. Having a pet in a home or apartment with minimal odor can be accomplished. it takes time and effort on the pet owners part, but with the amount of happiness our pets bring, the effort seems minimal.