The License, The Costs and The Law

If you are familiar with driving a manually shifted car, learning how to ride a motorcycle will be no challenge for you. Even if you don't have any previous driving licences or experience of driving a motorized vehicle, learning how to ride a motorcycle is relatively easy for the average person, and you should have no trouble getting your own license.

Depending in which country, state or city you live in, the pricing of attending a motorcycle driving license course wary widely. Another factor that might dictate the price of your motorcycle driving license is if you already have other licenses that can give you credit for "already compleated traffic lessons". This might make your license or course cheaper because you don't have to take the same lessons twice.

Age is also a factor to be aware of while thinking about attending a motorcycle license course. The laws that determine if you are qualified (old enough) to apply for the license course can be different in countries and states around the world, so you should always check with your local police department or driving schools, but a general understanding is that at the age of 16-18 years and above, you are entitled to attend at least the light motorcycle license courses, which will allow you to ride motorcycles with an engine displacement of a maximum of 125 cc's.

After a couple of years of riding experience or a minimum of 20-22 years of age, can alone (of course along with a driving license) give you the right to ride any engine sized road legal motorcycle available. This also varies from locality and local law.

Training course(117161)Credit: Wikipedia
Credit: Wikipedia

Attending The License Course

If you meet the requirements set by your local law, you are now ready to attend your first lessons of your motorcycle license course.

Usually the lessons start of with introduction of the motorcycle wehicle and specific laws that surround the subject. After the initial presentations, you start of with trafic rules and regulations, learn the basics from theoretical lessons, what it means to be in trafic amongst other people in high and low speeds, shearing this environment, and taking responsibility of your wehicle and your actions.

After you learnt the basic trafic rules and the controls of the motorcycle, you start the practical lessons when you have a basic understanding of how to behave in trafic and how to operate a motorcycle. This is where the real live riding starts, and usually with small steps around closed courses for safety reasons. You learn how to accelerate, shift gears, use the brakes properly, keep your balance, manouver in dangerous situations, and all these simultaneously as trafic can be unpredictable and it is good to be prepared for dangerous situations.

open road(117162)Credit: Wikipedia
Credit: Wikipedia

Getting Your License

In the end of your driving license course, there usually are two tests that you have to pass.

  • The first is a theoretical test that tests your knowledge and ability regarding traffic, rules and regulations, your knowledge about the motorcycle and safety and how to be a responsible rider.  
  • The second part is a practical test which in you have to prove your ability to ride and maneuver the motorcycle safely and with care, carry out both the theoretical knowledge in practical riding situations to show that you are ready to drive in real live traffic environment and are ready to handle things independently.

This all might sound a bit complicated, but in reality when you become used to it which usually happens quite fast, it becomes very natural to ride your motorcycle, the vehicle almost feels like an extension of your body,  you notice they are indeed very nimble vehicles, and you are good to go and explore the open roads and world around you from a different perspective then your car seat!