Example Of Rolling Your Eyes In The Back Of Your Head

Example Of Rolling Your Eyes Back
Credit: Joseph D. Smith

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A clear and easy explaination on how to roll your eyes in the back of your head!

I will, explain, the unexplainable...

Where do I start when it comes to teaching you how to roll your eyes in the back of your head like The Undertaker, from WWE? For starters, you should pay close attention to how The Undertaker does this in the first place by watching him do this trick! He is often relaxed, and he is also using his natural reflexes.

I will teach you some of his best-kept secrets on how to roll your eyes in the back of your head! The most important is to relax, take a slow and deep breath, then start to close your eyes but don't close them all the way, then just roll your eyes up. The Undertaker partially closes his eyes to relieve pressure, as it would strain your eyes if you had them open all the way.

However, the only way to tell if you are doing it right is if you can see absolutely nothing, not even the tiniest bit of your environment! You will still have to keep your eyes open, without completely shutting them. If you start to shut them, slowly open them back up, then try again. Don't worry, this takes tons of practice, even though some people can just do it naturally, but if you don't succeed, then it's ok. You aren't a failure if you can't do it, it's just that some people are more relaxed than others.

It is nice if you have a friend who can tell you if you are doing it right, as there aren't any traces of your eye color left, but if you need to know and you don't have somebody to tell you, then try to focus on the inside of your eyes; as you turn them up, you will then want to turn them down, until finally you have done the trick successfully! All you are really doing is using your muscles to turn your eyes in. You aren't just looking up, but you are also looking back, then back down again, making a complete turn-around.

Think about how you make a circular motion with your arms, legs, or even your fingers. It is the same principle, except you are doing it with your eyes! Your extremities don't make complete circles, but your eyes will roll back completely if you just guide them with your muscles. You use your muscles for everything, so why not use your ocular muscles? The only way to complete this trick is to completely relax, and then if you will stop focusing on what you see, and more on what you want to see!