Use this article to help you run a faster forty yard dash in football and wow any football coach or scout who may be watching you run it! Good Luck


Things You Will Need

Training Routine, Dedication, and Hard Work


Step 1

The fastest way to improve your forty yard dash time, is by improving your explosiveness in your body. If you perform exercises like the power clean and plyometrics then this will improve your speed from point A to point B. These types of exercises will improve your speed and drop your forty yard dash times the fastest.

Step 2

Work on your flexibility everyday. If you are more flexible, you will be able to move your limbs through a bigger range of motion which will allow you to take larger strides thus resulting in your running faster in your forty yard dash.

Step 3

Be sure you stretch your hip flexors everyday!!! This is an important step. Your hip flexors control how long your strides are and how fast you can move. You want to really concentrate on stretching them out as you want them to be loose and limber when you are running.

Step 4

Be sure you are relaxed when you are sprinting. You body runs at its optimal peak and reaches top speed when you are relaxed. If you are straining and tightening up, this will hinder your running speed and make you run slower.

Step 5

Lastly, work on your running technique. Ask a track coach to watch you run and observe your running form and critique. Work on driving your elbows forcefully back and not across your body. You want to keep your body relaxed again and breath smooth and easy through your nose and out your mouth. Push off the balls of your feet, maintain a high knee lift and keep your elbows in. In the beginning when you start your forty yard dash, you want to have a 45 degree lean and as you are ending your run you should be 90 degrees parallel and fully erect and at your top speed.

You can improve your forty yard dash speed with the proper training and dedication. It just takes work and the will for you to improve it.

Tips & Warnings

Never overtrain. This will hurt you and your speed more than help you. Make sure you are stretching everyday as well.