How To Run Faster

How To Run Faster - Tips to Increase Your Speed

If you want to learn how to run faster, there are some simple drills and workouts you can do to help increase your speed.  One of the main factors when trying to increase your speed is to examine your sprinting form.  Using poor form can slow you down, even if you don't realize it.  In order to see results, you also need to put forth maximum effort when doing the workouts and drills.  Following these simple steps can teach anyone how to run faster.

How to Run Faster - Form
The form you use when you sprint can make a huge difference.  Here are some guidelines to follow when critiquing your form, if you want to know how to run faster:
-Keep your head up; don't look down at your feet when you're sprinting.  
-Keep your jaw level and relaxed.
-Have your arms at a 90 degree angle, moving straight forward and backward when you sprint.  Moving them from side to side can slow you down.
-Run on your toes; don't let your heel constantly touch the ground
-Don't clench your fists when you run, keep them loose to improve circulation.

How to Run Faster - Intervals
Interval training is when you give maximum effort for a short period of time or distance, followed by a period of rest.  You go back and forth between the exercise, sprints in this case, and resting.  It's a valuable form of training for anyone looking into how to run faster.
-You can do sprint intervals for any distance that you choose.  
-For example, do a 50 meter sprint, walk back to where you started, and then do another 50 meter sprint.
-Continue this for a specific number of repetitions or period of time.
-This can pretty much be done anywhere.  If you're outside, pick a landmark off in the distance, like a light post or tree.  Sprint to it, recover by walking back, and then repeat.

How to Run Faster - Using Equipment
There are a lot of different pieces of equipment one can use when trying to figure out how to run faster.
-Weight Vest - Do sprints while wearing a weight vest.  It'll increase the strength and power in your legs.  
-Speed Resistance Training Parachute - This attaches to your waist, with a small parachute behind you.  Do sprints while wearing this and the resistance makes it more difficult to run.
-Resistance Harness - Similar to the parachute, but one end attaches to your waist, while the other end attaches to your training partner's waist.  The resistance, along with the weight of your partner, makes it more difficult to sprint.

 How to Run Faster - Other Ideas
-Do uphill sprints by finding a hill or use a sidewalk on a road that goes uphill.  Uphill sprints are very effective and I highly recommend them.  Once you add these to your sprint training, sprinting on a flat surface will seem like a breeze.
-Decrease your rest time between sprints in an interval workout.  Start out small by cutting down a few seconds between sprints, and then take off more seconds in future workouts.
-Do calf raises to strengthen your calves, which are heavily used when sprinting.

The most important thing you can do, if you want to learn how to run faster, is simply sticking to your workouts every day.  Put in the time and effort and you'll increase your chances of seeing results.  Once you see results, try passing along these tips to others who are curious about how to run faster.  Also, make sure that you are stretching before and after every workout.  It will help you become more flexible and will decrease your chances of injury.

Please feel free to comment with any additional methods to help increase one's speed.