Whether you are aiming for an ultra marathon or maybe just looking to break your first 10 minute run/jog obstacle, increasing and maintaining your running mileage takes a lot of time, perseverance and plenty of hard work. It isn't merely a matter of picking out a longer course and hoping that you hopefully can grit it all the way round without blowing up; having the capacity to run further takes a lot of planning! Should you be contemplating racking up some serious mileage then these tips below should be a first rate starting place, will let you form a game plan and set you off on the path the ultra marathon greatness.

Reduce Your Pace

One of the major mistakes of running long distances is not reducing speed as the distance rises. The main reason that marathon runners don't run at the same intensity as 800m runners and that is because it's just out of the question for the body to sprint for 26 miles. When out running add 60-120 seconds to your kilometer pace and you will be able to run for much longer. Once you can run your required mileage you'll be able to focus on building up your pace at a later time.

Steady Doest It!

Train at a steady speed and you will be rewarded with greater mileage. If your speed is intermittent then your body cannot get used to your goal pace and waste products will build-up, inevitably slowing you down and wearing you out. Should you not know if you are keeping an even pace or not then invest in a hrm or GPS watch to be sure you are keeping your average speed the same.

Dont Aim Too High

Just like any sport, running takes time and patience for you to see results. If you start out too hard and attempt to accomplish too much then you may blank become discouraged with your lack of progress and may up your intensity, which will more than likely lead to overtraining or even injury. Follow the 10% rule to mitigate this risk. Weekly, add a maximum of 10% to your miles and then every fourth week reduce your distance to allow your body time to recuperate and adjust to your new training routine.


Not taking on enough water can really impair your performance and stop you running at your best. If you don't like running with a water bottle then you should think about buying a CamelBak Water Bladder, as they really are great bits of running kit.