Reality or Hype? Can you really build a car in your own garage that runs purely on water power? Sure you can, we've had steam engines for well over 200 years. Now, can you build a steam engine powered passenger car quickly, cheaply, and keep it going? No, it would not pass that set of criteria.

Americas greatest asset is that if you don't like the rules, change the game. By changing the game, control will pass over to you. So let's do a quick change-up and see what happens.

Can we build a water and gasoline fueled passenger car in our garage? Yeah, we can do that.

How cheap will it be? That really depends on what you think of as "cheap". To me, and most people like you and I, "cheap" isn't all about the money. It's about time, resources, cash, knowledge, etc. How much is it worth to have all the research done for you? How much time can you save? That time equates to playing with your kids or even a romantic night out. How much is that worth to you?

In my case, once the cost of the information was made up, I got a pay raise without working a single extra hour. And the raise is tax free. Fuel goes up and down every day. It may not be at the four buck a gallon range today but who knows what tomorrow will bring? For the cost of two tanks of gas you can get that information and get ready to make your money back asap.

Since we are not talking about a steam engine, my first question is a natural. How can water fuel a car ? The process is called electrolysis and it separates water into base components. One component created is HHO or "Browns Gas". This gas has similar properties to acetylene and burns hot enough to melt steel. Read that again. Hot enough to melt steel. Amazing huh? I thought so when I first read about it.

HHO (Browns Gas) is metered into the fuel system of your car and pumps up your gas mileage to a huge degree. And, the only exhaust is water. No greenhouse gases. No global warming. No carbon foot print. Just water. You can't beat that.

The water powered car will run better (more power), use less gas, and allow you to hold onto more of your money. Your car is going to run cooler. That is going to save some wear and tear on your engine and again allow you to hold onto more of your money.

Here's the truth. You and I are hostage to gas prices. We have to have gas and we really don't get a choice in how much we pay for it. It's time for you to break that cycle. You choose how much and how often you buy your gas by building this car. You get to drive around knowing that you put in a bit of cash for knowledge, like any college student, and got the big return. You and your significant other get to visit that great restaurant more often using the hard cash your saves on gas.

Think about it. At today's gas prices you can spend just two tank fulls and get the straight scoop and detailed instructions on how to break that cycle and assert your own energy independence. After just two tanks of gas your money is back in your pocket. You get to put that money to great use doing what you want instead of enriching the government and a corporation or two. It can't get any better than this.

Please visit for more information on how you will build your own water/gas hybrid car. There are plain english details, a couple of videos, and a breakdown showing just how easily you can do it.