Too many internet marketers are leaving money on the table because they aren't getting the biggest bang for their buck when they write their articles. They need to optimize their results by writing seo articles for their online uses. 

What's better, writing for the search engines like Google or for humans? That's an easy question to answer, do both.

The articles you write should provide all your readers with tips and useful information. But that doesn't mean you can't get the added benefit of optimizing them to drive traffic too.

One big temptation is to think that if one keyword is good, ten must be better. No. If you put too many keywords in your article it will sound "off". People won't want to read it and the search engines won't rank it well. 

Find a nice long list of all the keywords and phrases that you  can think people will use to search for your product online. Narrow that list to only those words and phrases that get a decent amount of searches but that aren't overly competitive.

And don't think you can't use some other, more obscure words that are still related to your product. As long as they are relevant and not too competitive, it will work out fine.

All you have to do once you have your keyword list is to write your seo article and / or blog posts around the chosen keywords.

Keeping your keywords around 3% will be the best bet. Put the keyword in the title, first paragraph, last paragraph and once or twice in the rest of the article.

The article minimum length is kind of a no brainer; many directories won't even allow you to submit an article shorter than 250 words but you don't want to make them too long either. 250 -500 words  will give you the best balance between too few or too many words.

To get the most out of all your seo traffic generation methods as well as providing your readers something of worth, you must be willing to submit a lot of articles. 
The really neat thing about this method is that once you've got your seo articles online they can bring traffic to your website all on autopilot for a long time to come.

Don't think that you have to choose between writing your article for real readers or for the search engine spiders, you can accomplish both with the same article, if done right, seo articles can really deliver for your human readers and all the search engines at the same time.