SEO is the biggest tactic/tool for getting internet traffic but you've got to know how to SEO correctly for it to work and to prevent getting what Internet marketing professionals like to call "Google Slapped". After you read this article on SEO, you'll be able to not only know how to use SEO effectively, you'll also learn some great article writing tips for both articles and web content.

Key word basics

Without "key words" there is no SEO for web content and article writing. Keywords are words and phrases that people type into search engines when they want to find something (anything) online. So, how do you get them? You can start with Google's free "AdWords" tool and search for relevant words and phrases dealing with your particular topic/niche that you want to create some online content for, which leads us to our next...

Very, very important how to SEO tip

What you need to look out for are any words or phrases that have high searches like 6000 global monthly searches and up that have low to medium competition. Low to medium competition means that there is very little web content for those particular key words/phrases. Do some quality content or article writing for these and chances are good that you'll get higher ranking simply because you won't have so many other providers to fight off to supply the high demand. Remember this could be any topic or niche, SEO is pretty much for everybody, so you could be looking for anything from how to care for Cichlids, how to invest in gold to how to wash a car.

Careful placement

If you've come across some web pages and found yourself a bit puzzled about the repetitiveness of some content you find online, you've stumbled across someone's SEO mess. They wanted to get a high ranking with the search engines by letting for example, "Google" know that they're article or site has a lot of info on a particular topic (the repeated words and phrases). Needless to say this is cheating so now to clean up this kind of practice, Google will drop the rank of an article or web site drowned in keywords and reduce the risk of someone having to suffer through it again. How do you use your keywords than? On average, between 300 - 400 words (not including the title), correct placement of keywords are:

1. in the title (don't miss it, Google looks at these first)

2. some where in the very first paragraph, preferably closer to the beginning (to let Google know that your content is consistently about the same topic.

3. any where else, at least once or twice in the body

4. in the last paragraph, preferably in the last sentence (because Google looks here too)

If you happen to have more than one keyword or phrase, that's fine, just follow the same placement rules just make sure you don't make your content sound "weird".

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