If you're not the best writer in the world, don't worry about it, simply knowing the right strategy makes how to SEO from a writing standpoint , fairly quick and easy to do for anyone. Article writing and web content creation can become as simple as sorting coins and you'll learn everything you need to know about it by the end of this article.

Structure secrets

Information priorities

When you do your article writing or web content be sure to keep " information priority" in mind. Consider which information is the most important for the reader to know first, second, third and so on and follow that pattern to the near end of the material than at the end provide another significant piece of information, allowing your reader to walk away with their time "well spent".

Title Approaches

Don't make the mistake of thinking that just by using high demand keywords in your title, readers will read your article when they find it. You've got to make your potential reader feel like you're offering them information they can't pass by. Some ideas on how to do this are by adding words and phrases like: how to, the best, secrets on, advice, beat your competitors, top 5, top 10, etc. For more ideas on how to do this, think back on the kinds of words that get your attention to read a page or article online. Then, when using this title tactic, make sure you deliver on your promise.


Make sure your content is "easy on the eye". How do you do this? Lot's of white space. Break up your article with catchy subtitles and lists of information. This will serve three purposes,

1. to create that "easy on the eyes" element

2. to engage the reader with what you're revealing to them

3. and make the content easier to read

Paragraph and sentence length

Keeping visitors reading on your website is a "how to SEO" must, so paragraph and sentence length need some careful consideration to ensure that they do. If you're text is about the width of the 'page' or screen, try not to make your paragraphs more than 7 or 8 lines each as any more will tax the readers focus and possibly chase them off to another site. Also, try to keep your sentences between 1 to 2 and 1/2 lines long. A good rule of thumb would be to restrict your sentences to "one thought" or "concept" a piece.

Beat your competition and easily provide the best quality

Out doing everyone else can be easy if you've got the right strategy. First see what info your competitors are providing on the same topic you want to write about. Take notes on the most important points and try to find some more "little known" rarer to find information to add to your list. Taking notes in this way will make your article writing process go a lot faster as well. Then, don't just aim to attract the internet traffic, do your visitors a favor by providing them with the most information they can find on your topic. On average searching through 5 - 8 different competitors websites will get you enough material to work with. Just be sure to put everything in "your own words" making your content truly original as a practice of integrity and to provide your readers with great value.

The secret to writing well 

It's true, with this little secret almost everyone can write well. Simply, forget about "how to write", pretend you're talking to a friend that wants to know about your topic and write down what you "say". Then, edit out any of the unnecessary words. Next, see where you can add in any of your keywords if you've missed their placements, just make certain each sentence reads or rather "sounds" smooth so as not to disturb your readers with choppy rhythm. And then, to make a final polish of your work, read your material aloud again. Listen for the smoothness of the sentence flow. Tweak what you need to and spell check your work and you're done.

With these great tips on how to SEO for article writing and web content, you'll be off to a great start in increasing your web traffic and developing your own "voice" as a talented writer.